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By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

TVS Eurogrip | #WhistleThroughEveryTurn

A fitting sequel to the ‘For a Country Full of Bends’ branding, these shorts featuring MS Dhoni and his CSK teammates are refreshing despite being in a familiar area. The mark remains in the “tour” and completes the loop.

JioSaavn | #FindYourDhun

From a fiery and moving music video celebrating India’s myriad “airs” with Shankar Mahadevan to the history of Kacha Badam dhun and other iterations, the brand’s #FindYourDhun campaign hits the mark. The larger idea of ​​celebrating the melody is original and appealing. That a melody can connect beyond language is a universal truth fascinatingly conveyed in short moments.

Bajaj fans | Quiet and powerful | Fan Nahi Fantastic

The fans are so quiet you can hear the bug’s jokes. They are so powerful that you can dry yourself after a shower (with your clothes on) under them, instantly. It’s hard to miss the messages.

Ajanta Shoes | Pairon Ki Suno

A nice teaser and follow-up do the job for Ajanta Shoes, in style. Without too much fanfare or hassle, the smooth and crisp messaging hits the mark. A case where the spot could not have worked without the celebrities. We remember seeing Saurav Ganguly in the brand’s advertisements of the past. Parineeti Chopra is a welcome addition to this exchange that needed two stars. The line “Pairon ki sunoh” also sounded good in past works. Now it comes to life in a well-written film.

Trust Jewelry | rannkaar | Kann Kann Mein Karigari

But for branded inserts and jewelry, it would just be awesome content to be happily consumed. A tribute to Rann’s know-how. Because it’s such a rich film that draws you in and keeps you there with the magic of sight and sound, you don’t mind the brand being there. Once again Reliance Jewels brings the inspiration behind a collection alive in all its glory.

VIP | Wedding Favorites (2022) | #PyaarWahiSochNayi

What an idea. VIP as a brand has tried to make the wedding luggage space its own, having gone to the working public a few months ago (see below).

The bridal collection film cringes at some of the social realities we (still) live with: the bride is told she has a duty to take good care of her husband and is also expected to what she soon gives “good news” to her loved ones. The brand manages to seamlessly fit into the plot with someone gifting the couple a few bags and telling them it’s time for them to wander the world. The brand has just made itself much more endearing, especially to young people.

Sunfeast Yippee! | Loot Maal

Who was behind the robbery? MSD confesses to the crime. Too simplistic? Maybe yes. Works? Yes, because the promo is called ‘Loot Maal’.

CreditBee | Loans anytime, anywhere

These fun ads get the “easy loans” message across. The situations feel natural and are taken from everyday life. The treatment looks familiar, filled with head nods made famous by other commercials. While the ads do the work, I wonder if any brands in this space see news about app-based loan providers misleading consumers as a threat to everyone in the category, including the most credible ones. Maybe he needs it to allay fears? This may be an opportunity for differentiation.

Bombay Shaving Society | Back-Pro | Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor in Her Funny Man avatar once again tickles the funny bone. After scoring as a Crime Master for Disney+ Hotstar, he’s playing his own role here. And he finds a solution to wax his back after a few giggles – at his own expense. Good cast, good show.

Thomas Cook | #IndiakaForexSpecialist

In every family, there is a role for everyone to play when it comes to holidays. (In this case, it’s a holiday abroad, because the product is forex.) It seems quite natural and relevant. The characters and dialogues are written in an interesting way and the actors put on quite professional performances. Once it is established that there is a specialist for every job, Thomas Cook is touted as the forex specialist for every family trip.

dollars | Upar Gaya | #FitHaiBoss

It wouldn’t have found its way into this column were it not for the conversation I had with a few young, native Hindi-speaking men. If the brand speaks to them, it works wonders. Akshay Kumar, the action, the slight titillation at the end, add to their viewing experience. Their fascination with ‘Dollar up by gaya’ the plot contrasted with my cynical view of it. We listen and learn.

Nerolac Excel Mica Marble stretch and shine | Painting More

Those in my age group might remember the “I’m taking it with me to Japan” jingle while watching this. The strength that the paint provides at the ends comes to life here. Thanks to Japanese technology.

Volkswagen Taigun | #HustleModeOn

I must confess that I didn’t identify the protagonist as the star she is when I first saw this. Either way, the challenges a working professional faces every day find a partner here in the new Taigun, with enough windows to showcase the car.

Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler | Garmi Ko Karo Symphony

An innovative idea? Barely. But you don’t need it when the agenda is to remind people of the hardships of summer and offer them a cooling solution that costs as much as a fan (to run). Well, the last part is a bit of an add on, but the rest is good enough to keep you watching until the end.

Vimal | #BoloZubaanKesari

The brand has to be thanked for changing its design after what seems like an eternity. Viewing advertisements for cricket breaks just got a little less cumbersome.

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