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March 2020 is an exciting year for gamers this year, with the “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Remake, “Eternal doom “ and “Persona 5 Royal “ all released the same month. However, the game that excites me the most is “Animal Crossing: New Horizons “ for Nintendo Switch which will be released on March 20. This new addition will bring changes like placing furniture outside your home, having full control over where your neighbors can and will live, and terraforming your entire island. It seems to be the best installment of my favorite life simulation video game. But it got me thinking… why do I like “Animal crossing “ so many? Why am I so excited to go into virtual debt with a Tanooki?

Life simulation games are pretty self-explanatory, it’s just a life simulation. You usually control one or more characters and supervise them as they exist and you initiate shenanigans in their virtual world. The main attractor of life simulations is probably the degree of control you have over that virtual life. It can offer gamers a type of freedom that they might be lacking in their real life. Different types of gameplay often lead to two types of control: either living in the virtual world or acting as a god of this virtual world.

The most popular life simulation by the way “Animal crossing “ is most likely “The Sims “ video game series and it definitely leans towards the latter style of play. You create one or more characters and influence their actions, build them a house, get them to socialize and try to give them a fulfilling life. Although it is a virtual world, a psychoanalyst reported that “The Sims “ can have a positive impact on your reality, according to Darin Graham of Indy100. Graham concluded that “The Sims “ can offer a type of escape, called self-expansion, which is essential for exploring your personality, avoiding burnout, and developing creativity.

Each life simulation game offers a different kind of control and escape. With “The sims“You are basically playing God with a much more wacky version of our world. You can try to prioritize the happiness of your sims or you can experiment on them and treat them horribly until they die.”The Sims “too is home to many supernatural elements like alien worlds, monsters as well as ghost sims that can haunt your living beings.

“The Sims” also allows various cheat codes, such as the famous “Rosebud” cheat which gives your sims tons of money. You can ignore all the hard work involved in a lavish lifestyle and turn your sims into millionaires. Even the sim language design, Simlish, which sounds like absolute gibberish, lends itself to the idea that “The sims‘”The wacky world and its inhabitants exist only for your amusement.

“Animal crossing“, on the other hand, has gameplay that places you as a member of the world.”Animal crossing‘s “takes place in real time, even when the game is turned off. There are daily activities that reset, seasons change in real time, as well as vacations that pass and there are urgent events like capturing the game. insect or fishing contests. The attraction to this world is that your village is small to begin with and that in real real time you develop your city even bigger and better, giving you a unique feeling of fulfillment. The game offers always gives the player a unique sense of power over their life thanks to its persistent world with its rotating content, the variety of actions the player can take and the engaging AI of your fellow villagers, highlighted by Juli Clover of the Huffington Post. C It’s also empowering in the way it creates a cute and nice world that you can make your own, empowering you in subtle ways, like paying off Tom Nook’s debt, as suggested by IGN’s Keza MacDonald.

The “Animal crossing “ the world is sweet. Unlike “The simsIt doesn’t really have any cheat codes, except for an exploit dubbed “Time Travel” by fans. If you manipulate the in-game clock you can move forward or backward in time, however, this is a completely different style of play than traditional animal crossing, as it completely removes the feeling of real-time progression. . I personally certify that you are playing “Animal crossing “ in real time if you can, making your daily routine a charming therapeutic ritual that you can engage in.

This sweet and pleasant world of “Animal crossing “ is even reflected in its own language, Animalese, which is actually a sharp, synthesized synthetic voice that speeds up written words from text on screen. Even this simple way your villagers communicate with you adds to the relaxing nature of “Animal crossing‘s “gameplay.”Animal Crossing ”is an addicting and calming type of gameplay that can help me find balance in my daily life.

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