What is TikTok Computer Simulation Theory? Why TikTokers is convinced we’re living in a real Truman Show


Conspiracy theories are only new to TikTok and one of them has recently gone viral: simulation theory. You are probably asking:

What is TikTok Computer Simulation Theory?

Simulation theory is the theory that we all live in a simulation – and the reality we think we know is actually artificial, much like The Truman Show concept.

A lot of people are either scared or excited about this theory because it would mean that there is something bigger that is beyond us and beyond the universe we know. Others are afraid of it because it could mean that we are monitored 24/7 (which is partly true given our phones listen for us most of the time).

The theory caught fire after Tik Toker Heidi Wong shared Oxford University professor Nick Bostrom’s theory called “Do you live in a computer simulation?

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The simulation theory hashtag on TikTok already has 27.4 million views and the simulation hashtag has 624.4 million views, which means it is gaining a ton of traction on TikTok.

Many of the videos on this hashtag are edited videos or comedy videos, however, there are quite a few TikTokers with theories and questions on the aforementioned topic, so let’s explore and dig in.

Computer simulation theory suggests that there is real reality and the rest is simulations.

“Of all of these simulations, there is only one basic reality, so statistically we are more likely to be in a simulation,” said Heidi Wong, commenting on Nick Bostrom’s original simulation theory.

“Basically, we live inside a video game. Honestly, it makes sense if you think about how realistic video games are getting day by day and all the little issues you see in the world that are inexplicable would make sense behind this theory, ”said TikToker Nikki Jain.

When TikTokers refers to “problems in the matrix” they are referring to videos and images of captured things that are either inexplicable or seem impossible, such as “cars hitting invisible objects, planes staying in one place. in the sky, dogs appearing at random ”, as mentioned in Jain’s second simulation theory video.

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The theory also suggests that the probability that we are in a real universe is low.

TikToker Emily Montgomery says that she believes 110% in computer simulation theory. “There is an infinite number of simulations and only one real universe. So the probability that we are in a real universe is almost zero.

“Fractal equations could actually probably explain the randomness. So there is a good chance that we are not real at all.

Others think this theory is legitimate because it explains that we are essentially real-life Sims in a The Sims video game, the idea being that while the Sims are in a game, they can also make their own decisions – just like us – who TikToker Ashley Lanese Express.

“If life is a simulation, it means to me that we have more choices, more chance of choosing the life we ​​want. “

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Even Elon Musk believes in computer simulation theory.

TikToker Scarlett Mills has eight videos explaining the history of this theory, with the title “Escaping The Simulation”, and she went deeper into it.

She explained that celebrities like Elon Musk and the late physicist Stephen Hawking believed in the theory, with Musk believing that “we probably already live in a virtual reality created by higher beings. And this idea is not new.

She also explained that other physicists think that the world is a hologram and that “the law of physics makes more sense when written in two dimensions instead of three”.

She also explained that this information is “projected as a hologram to appear in three dimensions” or “appears to have depth”.

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Are there studies to prove that computer simulation theory is real?

The hologram theory, which Mills discussed in one of his TikToks, actually emerged as scientists searched in black holes, who Trevor Williams explained in his TikTok. “Does this mean that our life is a simulation that constantly manifests through our own consciousness?” What if these black holes were actually portals to different dimensions? Williams asked.

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TikToker Erica Vanhorn explains that simulation theory has actually been discussed since the beginning of time and has strong links with the study of philosophy.

According to Vanhorn, there are five things that prove that we live in simulation theory.

The first is that it would be possible for humans to simulate consciousness.

The second would be that the technology would continue to advance.

The third is that advanced civilizations do not destroy each other.

Fourth, very advanced civilizations want to create simulations.

And the fifth if there are several simulations, the chances that you will be one are very high.

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