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Recently, video games have moved beyond their primary task of entertaining people with simple storytelling missions. Although there are many video games on the market, they cater to different audiences. From arcade games to shooting games, RPGs to open worlds, video games have come a long way.

And while many try to recreate the real world up close, there are some good ones out there. However, one category of video games is purely intended to provide a real world experience to gamers; and these games are called simulation games.

Do you want to experience flying an airplane? There is a game for that. Want to discover agricultural life? They have one for that too! For malicious minds, there is a game that lets you find out what it’s like to be a thief. Anything you can imagine simulation games can provide for you.

What are simulation games?

If I had to describe what simulation games are in one sentence it would go something like – “A video game designed to closely mimic real world tasks.” Plus, the best simulation games on the market are designed to make gamers feel like they’re doing real-world activity without doing so. The best simulation games incorporate the real world mechanics of a particular activity, job, event, or any establishment, and that’s the beauty of this genre.

In addition, there are many acts in the real world on which a pretend play can be performed; and although it is not a piece of cake, here we enjoy these activities in the luxury of our rooms. Would you believe there is a game that lets you build a PC? And if you like fishing, you can also do it in the comfort of your room with a fishing simulation game.

In addition, there are many simulation games on the market, some of which are necessarily free on platforms like the Epic Games Store and Steam. In addition, many simulation games support virtual reality, which further enhances the desired “realistic” experience. While we are on the topic of Epic Games, be sure to check out our list of games the Epic Games Store offers for free every week.


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