Update to Stimulus Check: You can still receive payments if you live in these cities and states


AAccording to forecasts, it seems unlikely that another stimulus package will be adopted at the federal level in the United Stateshowever, relief forms are presented at the local level, here are some examples to guide you if you live in the following 16 localities:


Since 1982, Alaska has helped its citizens Permanent fund checks that receive state oil revenues.

If you do not have a criminal record and have resided in this state for one year, you can apply for this assistance.


This city in the state of Alabama will help single mothers by paying guaranteed rent for one year.


To benefit from this aid, you must meet certain conditions, in particular to prove that you have an income of less than $35,000 and this will entitle you to a payment of $500 per month.


The case of this Caroline from the south city ​​looks a lot like Chicago. The 100 lowest-income parents will receive $500 per month.


For that North Carolina city, a pilot program will be opened for 115 people who were incarcerated and will be able to receive $500 a month for a year.


In this state, there are two helper formats:

The first receives $850 per month for 650 African American womenn for the next two and second years of $500 per month to 300 residents who are below 200% of the federal poverty level.


In this Mississippi town, the nonprofit organization Springboard to Opportunities launched The Magnolia’s Mother’s Trust program that gives African American mothers $1,000 a month for one year.

Los Angeles

California’s most populous city launched the BIG:LEAP Programin which 3,200 families at the federal poverty level will receive $1,000 per month for one year.


In Minnesota200 families will be selected to receive $500 per month for two years starting in the spring.


In the case of this New Jersey city, its “Guaranteed Income Pilot Program” will be distributed in two ways:

Half of the beneficiaries will receive $250 every two weeks and the other half with a single annual payment of $3,000.

New Orleans

This aid is intended for the financial education of teenagers in the large city of Louisianawho will receive $350 per month for 10 months.

New York State)

In this case, the Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) was created by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which supports the arts and humanities and will help 2,700 artists residing in New York State with various characteristics.


In Pennsylvaniathe largest city in , the COVID funds raised will be used to help 200 low-income families with $500 a month.


In this New York State city, the plan is to help families in two groups for two years, the first year 175 families with $500 per month and the second year 175 other different families with the same help.


In the case of this city in the state of Louisianato access $660 for 12 months, you must be a single parent, with an income 120% below the federal poverty level.

washington d.c.

The name of the program in the capital of the United States is Strong Families, Strong Futures DCwhich will help 132 new and future mothers with $900 per month for one year.


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