Top 10 PC Simulation Games on Microsoft Store


Microsoft Store has a pretty good selection of Simulation games for Windows 10 and we can assure you that you will experience top notch touchscreen gameplay with these free games. What better way to kill time than setting the highest score and competing in online multiplayer! ? So here is the list of top 10 simulation games for Windows 10 available on Microsoft Store.

Simulation Games for Windows 10

A simulation video game closely simulates real-world activities in the form of a game for various purposes such as training, analysis, prediction, or just pure fun! One of the best things about simulation games is that they are derived from practical tactics. With realistic goals and things we can relate to, we can make our decision as the gameplay progresses. We’ve curated our list of the best simulation games you should be playing for free on Microsoft Store right now. With the best user navigation, narration and rewards, we have brought you top rated.

1]Rock Hero Guitar

If you love rhythm games, then the Rock Hero guitar is the perfect choice for you. With nine completely different song patterns, two difficulty levels and three variations of musical styles, you can unleash your inner rock star.

This game comes from Windows Storewith excellent interactive graphics and navigation.

2]Animals Kids Coloring Book

Coloring book for children Animals

Do you know what is one of the best ways to calm your nerves? Coloring helps. And Coloring Book for Kids Animals offers you more than 150 coloring pages.

And if it was for children? You can spend your afternoons remembering how fun coloring was with the four different types of animals you get on the pages. You get birds. Closed. Prints of marine and wild animals to color on the pages.

So what are you waiting for? Get it here.

3]Operate Now: Hospital Surgery

Operate Now: Hospital Surgery

Calling all future house doctors! It is the imaginary narration of a doctor working in a small town. Every day many different types of patients arrive and you, as a doctor, have to treat them.

It comes in different seasons that you can play a real doctor and manage your hospital with this simulation game. Download it here free.


We can’t have a list of the top 10 simulation games for PC on Microsoft Store without Roblox. If you like sand pixel graphics like Minecraft, then you will love Roblox. Likewise, it is an open-world multiplayer game.

It is a cross-platform game created by many gamers like you. It is customizable; you can have your avatars. With a moderator on each level, you can image your games or join someone else’s gameplay.

It’s free, but if you want upgrades along the way, you can purchase Robux. Download them here right now.

5]Doodle Connect Blitz

Doodle Connect Blitz

Here’s another one for the artist in us. You can simply line up tricky puzzles with excellent graphics and doodle art. Doodle Connect Blitz is designed to enhance your virtual creativity and give you amazing scores in doodle art. This game is available on Microsoft Store.

6]Get up!

Rise up!

Are you one of those who could spend hours on a one-finger stimulation game? Then it’s the right choice to kill time. You can just start protecting your balloon from obstacles. It is absolutely endless game with different outcome and experience every time you play it.

So get ready to start spending your lazy weekends with Rising Up! Download it here from the Microsoft Store.

7]Free Adult Coloring Book

Free Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is therapy. And that’s why it’s not just any fun app, but actually helps to calm down. With 28 different mandalas, you can create your own color palette. With various exquisite designs, you can color your marigolds.

I have known many anxiety patients who struggle with restlessness who use this app to help them focus and stay calm. You can easily download it here.

8]Quiz on logos +

Quiz on logos +

There’s nothing better than drinking hot coffee and curling up on your snug couch and right-clicking the logo. Yes! You read correctly. Simple and yet, when you’re missing a logo, you know you’ll want to start playing it all over again.

So go ahead, spend your night guessing the logo. Download it here from Microsoft Store.

9]Color by number pixel art sandbox

Pixel Art Color by Number Sandbox

This is another anti-stress sandbox game. You simply match pixels by number and color. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and brings out the inner artist in you. Simply, whenever you get restless, just sit on this game and start filling the sandboxes with color. Each color is designated by a number. Download it here.

10]Hidden Object Games: Beauty and the Beast

Hidden Object Games: Beauty and the Beast

Who loves searching for hidden objects wrapped in fantasy? This is the perfect choice for you then. You get 360 degree virtual movements as you keep finding objects in each level of your favorite fairy tale, Hidden Object Games: Beauty and the Beast.

So what are you waiting for? Help Belle find her true love. Download it here.

These are our top ten simulation games you should be playing right now on Microsoft Store. Download it now and forget about boring parties.


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