Thousands of Americans Can Claim a $ 500 Stimulus Check Tomorrow


THOUSANDS of Americans will be able to claim a stimulus payment of $ 500 tomorrow.

These stimulus checks are part of St. Louis’ direct money program, which will go to those who have suffered a financial impact from the coronavirus pandemic.


Eligible residents of St. Louis will be able to apply in person and online on December 18Credit: Getty

Applications are expected to open on Saturday, December 18, and you can apply online through a link on the City’s website or in person.

If you cannot do so online, an in-person application event will be held at St. Louis Community College in Forest Park from 10 am to 5 pm.

An appointment is recommended for in-person application and can be made by calling 866-948-3742.

You can make an appointment until Friday, depending on the city.

“Walk-ins are not encouraged,” the city said.

Eligible people include those who have suffered job loss, reduced hours, funeral costs, as well as treatment costs.

You must also be a resident of Saint-Louis for at least 12 months and must also be earning 80% or less of the area’s median income (MAI), which is as follows:

  • Household of one – $ 47,550
  • Household for two – $ 54,350
  • Household of three – $ 61,150
  • Four-person household – $ 67,900
  • Household for five – $ 73,350
  • Six-person household – $ 78,800
  • Seven-person household – $ 84,200
  • Eight-person household – $ 89,650

In addition, you will need to provide ID, proof of income, and two documents including bank statement, income tax returns, rental contracts, and automatic check-in.

The city predicts that at least 9,300 residents who have lost their income will be eligible for payments.

Approved applicants can choose to receive direct payments by mail or mobile phone.

Once residents make their request, they will receive status updates on their requests.

The St. Louis program comes as nearly a dozen states and cities send out stimulus checks and other payments before Christmas.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Maryland comptroller told The Sun that 7,811 of the stimulus payments sent had been returned, as of November 30.

This program was approved in February, but eligible residents of Maryland can claim up to $ 500 in stimulus payments if they still owe one.

Additionally, California is sending out a new batch of stimulus payments this week.

As part of its Golden State Stimulus II program, an estimated nine million Californians will receive checks worth up to $ 1,100 by the end of the year.

We explain how families with children under 13 could get a surprise stimulus payment of $ 8,000.

We break down schools and colleges by giving up to $ 10,000 in grants.

Additionally, Illinois lawmakers have proposed stimulus payments worth up to $ 400.

A $ 300 “surprise” stimulus check will be sent in time for Christmas

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