The Sims 4 & 9 Other Simulation Games to Try


The best simulation games will allow players to escape into an alternate world full of possibilities. They have some of the best character creation options and world building opportunities for players to develop and experience the universe of their wildest dreams.

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The Sims are among the most popular simulation games that allow players to experience life through their characters and are highly recommended for design and role-playing fans. However, there are plenty of other great games for simulation fans that deserve a spot up there with The Sims.


The Sims 4

Sims 4 cover photo with four different characters and a title

The Sims 4 is the latest edition of The Sims games and probably one of the most detailed life simulation games. Players can create a character, build the world around them, watch and control the life they live.

Players can do so many things in this game, even things fans didn’t know they could do. This game guarantees a fun time building houses, creating unique characters, and watching them grow into careers, relationships, and families. New updates and new packs are constantly released for this game, which means new content regularly.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley title on sky view with hills

Stardew Valley is a nice little 8-bit graphical simulation game where players can grow their farms, upgrade their equipment, and interact with the other NPC characters in the world. With pixel art like old fashioned link to the past, this game has that nostalgic feel with all the best simulation and RPG options.

Stardew Valley is to develop a farm by improving equipment, finding new items and decorating it to suit everyone’s style. This allows players to dive into caves to fight creatures, earn coins and collectibles. It also allows players to experience some of the best romances for their characters. This nostalgic 8-bit game has a lot to offer simulation fans.

My time at Portia

Title photo My Time At Portia with a group of figures in landscape view

My time at Portia offers simulation fans the best of both worlds for RPGs and dungeon farming games. While allowing players to have all of these role-playing options, it also requires them to dive into dungeons to extract supplies or fight enemies.

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This game offers a vast world for players to explore, locating new hidden objects and encountering every unique NPC around the map. They must strive to build their workshop, improve their crafting materials and decorate their own house. This requires them to mine supplies, gather supplies from around the world, and save money to buy materials. They can also experience romances and friendships with the characters they meet and participate in town festival activities.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Wilderness view with water and trees, and characters with animal crossing title

animal crossing has become one of the most popular simulation games and one of the best games for Nintendo Switch. Players have so much freedom to create an original character and space for their style and aesthetic.

Players can interact with the cute animal NPC characters around the island, helping them evolve the town. They must venture out, collect crafting materials to build their own home, styling it however they see fit. There are so many cool items they can collect to make space their own and venture to their friends’ islands. There are many different islands for players to explore and find new hidden gems that make the game fun and fresh.

Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is one of the best pet breeding simulation game that allows players to take care of many exotic animals, raising them from babies to adults in their own zoo. Animal lovers will love this fun experience as they build the perfect spaces for each animal and care for them according to their individual needs.

Players must build their zoo, creating perfect spaces for each animal and caring for them according to their needs. Not only is it a great game simulating animal care, but players also have to set up different centers and equipment for their zoo guests. Can they keep their zoos as a high-traffic, steady-income business while taking good care of the animals?

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is the perfect simulation game for world-building enthusiasts. This open-ended sandbox game lets players build their own city from scratch. They can control the destination of each building, bridge and road.

Players are tasked with building their unique city while giving the civilians living in the city all the space and businesses they need to survive. They have to think of all the details of public transport, convenient roads and living spaces for the inhabitants. They can create a city of their wildest imagination and watch the characters walk the streets and enjoy it to its full potential.

Hokko’s life

hokko life title on green grass and house landscape

This indie simulation game is the perfect blend of animal crossing and My time at Portia. Players arrive in the quiet and cozy village of Hokko and must start a life in their new little home. They can grow plants, decorate their home, design furniture and much more.

Hokko’s life gives players a chance to create their own small spaces, and they’re also tasked with helping the dying town grow into a thriving community. Players have the freedom to decorate and upgrade each building in the city, making it their original work of art. They can interact with the animal NPCs in town and help revive their businesses.


Minecraft forest view with characters

While Minecraft could be called a survival game, it also has a lot of simulation aspects. Players have the freedom to build their own unique spaces from scratch and must collect the materials for it all on their own.

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Players can venture into wild landscapes, collect materials from caves, and battle mobs of monsters. They can build their own spaces as they wish and equip them with all kinds of workbenches. They can cook, craft weapons, create mining carts that drive them around a track, and more. They must also survive waves of crowds at night if they choose to stay awake.

Two Points Hospital

Two Points Hospital is a unique simulation experience where players can build their hospital, employ doctors and staff, and help patients as they come in with different ailments. Players can continuously expand their own hospital, decorate it and equip it with all the furniture they want.

Players must create a thriving hospital with the proper equipment and items for employees and patients. They must research proper techniques to treat different illnesses and treat them properly to receive a good grade. Will the hospital save and pamper the poor patients, or leave them disappointed and receive a bad grade which can hurt their growing business?


Paralives is an indie life simulation game that will be released soon and is expected to compete The Sims franchise. This game is teased to have all the same techniques and options that The Sims allows but without bugs or restrictions.

Paralives will have the same feel and beloved features of The Sim games but more freedom to create a character exactly as the fans want. They have smaller, detailed choices that allow them to create a truly original character and homes they dream of. They’ll be able to manage their characters’ lives in a whole new way, allowing for a truly entertaining and fresh perspective on life simulation.

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