The increase in the GST rate takes effect; check which items will cost more


July 18, 2022 1:29 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]July 18 (ANI): The recommendations on the Goods and Services Tax rates that were made at the 47th meeting of the GST Board held in June come into effect today.
Here is a list of items that will become more expensive:
1. The GST on paper cutters, spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, cake servers has been increased from 12% to 18%.
2. The GST on motor pumps such as centrifugal pumps, deep tube well turbine pumps, submersible pumps and bicycle pumps has been increased from 12% to 18%.
3. Pre-packaged and labeled pulses and grains such as rice, wheat and flour (atta) will now be subject to 5% GST when marked and packed in a unit container.
4. Curd, lassi and puffed rice would be subject to the GST at the rate of 5% when prepackaged and labelled.
5. Lamps, fixtures and LED fixtures, their metal circuit board will also experience a GST increase from 12% to 18%.
6. The GST on water heaters and solar systems has been increased from 5% to 12%.
7. The GST on cut and polished diamonds will increase from 0.25% to 1.5%.

8. The GST on electronic waste will increase from 5% to 18%.
9. The GST on petroleum/coal bed methane will increase from 5% to 12%.
10. Hotel accommodation up to Rs. 1000 per day will be taxed at 12 percent.
11. Room rent (Excluding Intensive Care) above Rs 5,000 per day per patient charged by a hospital will be taxed at the amount charged for the room at 5% without ITC.
Here are some goods and services for which the GST has been reduced:
1. Tax on the transport of goods and people by ski lift reduced from 18 to 5%.
2. Renting a truck or transporting goods where the cost of fuel is included will be cheaper because the tax is reduced from 18% to 12%.
3. The GST on ostomy appliances is reduced from 12% to 5%.
4. GST on several braces reduced from 12% to 5%. (ANI)


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