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Are you a fan of games that give you purpose? So maybe the best simulation games on PS4 might interest you.

Simulation games are a special breed in that they allow players to play a specific role. In the past, these roles were often fantasy or high-flying; things you probably won’t be able to do easily in real life. But today, simulation games often gamify mundane, ordinary tasks, like cooking, mowing the lawn, and decorating a room. Yes, we could do them in real life, but it’s messy and involves getting off the couch. So we’ll stick to video games.

Below you’ll find a list of our picks of the best simulation games on PS4. These are the games that ask you to really get involved: we left the management simulations, like Two Points Hospital and Planet Coaster, next for another list. In these games you will be the one who drives, cooks and builds. And so, if you like to keep busy without really keeping busy, read on.

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1. Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator 1 (1)

Car Mechanic Simulator tasks you with doing just about everything you need to run a garage successfully. Whether it’s repairing broken down wrecks or tinkering with an engine to diagnose a problem, you’ll do everything a real mechanic should, with barely a drop of oil to be seen anywhere. It’s one of the best simulation games on PS4 for those who like to delve into the mundane details of realistic work.

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2. Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is so flexible that you can even buy realistic tractor control panels to make the experience even more realistic. We are not joking! This is a game that lets you get behind the wheel of real tractors and combines – incredibly detailed models of machines from real manufacturers – and slowly and steadily plow, dig and harvest fields. That’s the real draw, but there’s plenty more to do too: animals to care for, markets to sell your produce to, production lines to manage, and more.

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3. Bus Simulator 21

Bus Simulator 21

We had a hard time taking Bus Simulator 21 seriously when we played it, trying to go around our bus like we were actually playing GTA. But this is not that kind of game. Here you are a real trained bus driver, employed to travel set routes and pick up passengers along the way. You will have to drive the bus and learn what all the complicated buttons on the dashboard do. Be prepared to count change for fares and watch out for people trying not to pay.

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4. Lawn mowing simulator

Lawn mowing simulator 1 (1)

Without a doubt, one of the best simulation games on PS4 is Lawn mowing simulator. Here you are the manager of your own lawn mowing business. Starting with just yourself and a mower, you’ll cut people’s grass until you earn enough money to grow your own empire. Over time, you’ll hire a team of staff, invest in better machinery, and take on bigger and better jobs. Buy yourself the DLC and you can mow the grass of a dinosaur safari park. Cool.

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5. Train Sim World 3

If trains are your thing, then simulation games on PS4 don’t get much better than Train Sim World 3. This huge game – with an unimaginable amount of extra content – spans just about every corner of the globe. Depart from London St. Pancras or haul cargo through the American mountains. You will learn to drive a wide range of trains, from high-speed passenger trains to those designed to carry heavy loads across large swathes of country. And you can also fight against the elements. Want to drive a train through an awesome thunderstorm? Train Sim World 3 got you covered.

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6. PC Building Simulator

Here is a simulation game a little closer to home. PC building simulator is all about, well, building PCs. Or, at least, build a PC-building empire. By starting small, you’ll eventually grow your own computer repair business, doing everything from diagnosing and fixing customer problems to building new, high-quality PCs from the ground up. There are tons of real-world makers on board, so you’ll be dealing with real components when building new machines.

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7. Alchemist Simulator

Alchemist Simulator is the first game on this list that leaves reality at the door. Here you train to become an alchemist in a fantasy world filled with magic, spells and potions. You’ll take on contracts with clients and brew them the potions they need, but that first means mastering your alchemy gear and learning what all the materials in the world around you can do. There’s a lot to learn, but brewing potions in your cauldron is a lot of fun.

8. Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 2 (2)

If you must hunt animals, virtually in a video game is the way to do it. And Hunting Simulator 2 offers you many magnificent playgrounds to go on a hunting expedition. Choose the Texas desert, the forests of Colorado or the varied landscapes of Europe to pursue and hunt a wide range of animals. You’ll need to learn the right weapons to use, the right way to follow, and more. But just being in the wild with your hunting dog by your side is one hell of an experience.

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9. Arcade Heaven

Arcade paradise

Arcade paradise is quite different from the other games on this list. It’s not exactly pure simulation. Well, it is and it isn’t. starting in Arcade paradise, you manage a laundry. You’ll need to put the laundry in, move it through the dryer, and make sure the area is kept clean and tidy. There is also a toilet that needs to be unblocked from time to time. But the main draw is the little archway at the back of the laundromat that you’ll steadily build over time. Eventually, your efforts in the laundromat can be replaced by keeping your arcade running smoothly: fixing machines, picking up trash and so on. And, of course, play all the games for yourself.

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10. Barn Seekers

barn seekers

It’s a little rough around the edges, but barn seekers is still one of our favorite simulation games on PS4. Here you are in charge of the family business, a pawn shop that sells second-hand goods. You will need to travel to select locations to find goods for sale in your store, engage in bidding wars (yes, Storage Wars style) for the opportunity to get good stock and repair broken items. Over time, you will be able to improve your store and earn more money as you find better items. Once you have started barn seekersit’s hard to let go.


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