The best simulation games for Android in 2022

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For the Android mobile operating system, you can find all kinds of games: survival games, action games, sports games and many more, which offer many hours of fun and their graphics are top notch. Among them, one of the most entertaining genres is simulation.

Simulation titles offer virtual responsibilities in all sorts of areas, whether it’s cities, farms, homes, and more.

In Android there are hundreds of simulation games that try to emulate the most diverse scenarios, for these cases there are no limits. Many of them have a large community of users, but the truth is that not all of them are good titles. For this reason, today we are going to do a review to see what are the best simulation games for android of 2022.

-GRID Autosport

Racing simulators are one of the most sought after today and in this GRID section cannot be ignored. It is a difficult title because the movements of the car must be executed with great precision. A big point in favor is that the customization options are very extensive.

fallout shelter

Even though it doesn’t have cutting edge graphics, it is one of the best simulation games out there. The player will have to control a group of survivors who will have to face the nuclear apocalypse and all its negative consequences. Resources will need to be managed wisely in order to stay alive.

My time at Portia

The main objective of this game is that the person can become the best builder in the city, it is a fun simulator that has some interesting additions. Such is the case of improving the workshop to be more competitive and face certain enemies who will want to take control of the city.

Classic Tycoon roller coaster

It is perhaps one of the most addictive titles on this list due to its large number of options, its customization and the breadth of its catalog of roller coasters. It is a complex simulator and the main objective revolves around creating a successful amusement park. Knowing how to manage customer happiness is crucial in this game.

pocket town

Pocket City is one of the best city building simulation games for Android. Its main appeal is that it has many incentives to play. The rewards are good and allow you to improve the city without spending real money on it, which is always appreciated.



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