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With the huge number of games available on both the Play Store and the App Store, you really won’t get bored even if you only had your smartphone to entertain you.

There are shooting games, arcade games, and if you are a fan of life simulation games, there is no shortage of them either. In fact, let this article help you out a bit by listing the best life simulation games available for download.

What are life simulation games?

Life simulation games, also known as life simulation games, have been defined by Android Authority as “games in which you control the whole life of someone or something”.

It’s kind of a niche genre, but they’re not limited to games where you control the life of a human character. The games in which you control the life of animals and the like can be considered as life simulation games.

Best life simulation games on mobile

Ready to try a life simulation game? Here are the best life simulation games you can play on mobile:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

(Photo: Screenshot from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp)

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” is an example of free social and life simulation games. In this game, the player can design campsites, collect a variety of things, and interact with other campers in the game.

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(Photo: Screenshot taken from Steam website)

If life sim games involving controlling the lives of humans sound boring to you, maybe life sim games where you play as a god could be more your thing. “Godus” allows you to live the life of a god who hinders or helps a society to build itself from scratch.

You can cause natural disasters and even work wonders in this life simulation game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

(Photo: Screenshot from the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery website)

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Hogwarts student even once in your life, “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” is a game you absolutely should check out.

You can be sorted into one of the four houses, attend classes, and even duel with other wizards and witches.

The Sims: Free Game

The Sims: Free Game

(Photo: Screenshot from The Sims: FreePlay website)

“The Sims” is probably the best-known life simulation game. If you want to play “The Sims” but prefer to stick to mobile rather than desktop, there are actually two games you can choose from.

The first is “The Sims: FreePlay”, the old option between the two mobile games “The Sims”. “The Sims: FreePlay” shares much of the same stuff as the desktop game.

The Sims: mobile

The Sims: mobile

(Photo: Screenshot from The Sims: Mobile website)

“The Sims: Mobile” is the new option between the two mobile life simulation games “The Sims”. It’s basically the same as “The Sims: FreePlay” but, according to Android Authority, “The Sims: Mobile” works better because it’s the newer game.

Virtual families 2

Virtual families 2

(Photo: Screenshot taken from Steam website)

Life simulation games typically involve player avatars that can be controlled. This is not the case with “Virtual Families 2”. According to Android Authority, the character the player adopts, raises and helps to live their life, “will engage with you and thank you for your help along the way.”

AltLife and BitLife

No list of life simulation games will ever be complete without including both “AltLife” and “BitLife”. The two games are essentially the same and are generally the biggest competition from each other.

“AltLife” involves the player starting out as a baby and there are many decisions you will need to make along the way until your avatar dies. Players can choose their avatar’s career, relationships, and other things.

For “BitLife”, the player receives a character to be raised to adulthood until death. You have the option of sending your character to college or taking an alternate path. When your character dies, a new character is assigned to you.

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