Stimulus Check 2022 Update Four: What’s the situation in each state?


With the Omicron variant making its way across the United States, there has been more impetus for additional economic support for American people and businesses. The variant’s high infectivity is forcing thousands of people off work, putting them under pressure as federal support such as the child tax credit ends.

While very few states have committed to stimulus checks like economic impact payments, a number still have additional pandemic-related support to which residents of the can access.

So which states have some form of stimulus checks?

The state that stands out is California, which has the only real form of stimulus checks left, and those are just the latest payments in a plan put in place last year.

Others, like Alaska, have state-run dividend packages which are sent to residents each year. However, these cannot be considered stimulus checks as they have been around for around 50 years and have nothing to do with the covid-19 pandemic. They will not be classified in this list.

California stimulus check update

Perhaps the most generous state-sponsored relief initiative is in California, where two-thirds of residents are expected to receive a Stimulus check from Golden State worth $600. As of October 31, approximately 4.5 million of the more than 9 million inhabitants eligible had received their checks. The vast majority of the remaining checks were sent by mail, from the end of August until January 11.

What other support do states offer?

Arizona stimulus check update

There won’t be a fourth stimulus check in Arizona, but a ‘back to work’ bonus has allowed unemployed residents to receive up to a Direct payment of $2,000 if he found full-time employment between May 13 and September 6, 2021, provided he was unemployed in May.

Florida stimulus check update

On the back of an additional round of $1,000 stimulus checks for about 170,000 teachers and principals in 2021, as a “thank you” for their work throughout the pandemic, Florida’s 2022 budget includes a $1,000 bonus for teaching staff.

Indiana stimulus check update

Indiana residents will receive a state-funded tax refund worth $1 estimated at $125 each, when they file their 2021 tax returns after the state recorded a budget surplus from the previous fiscal year. January 24 marks the first day U.S. residents can start filing their tax returns.

New York Stimulus Check Update

Undocumented workers in New York can access a $2.1 billion stimulus check fund, allowing those who cannot claim the first two stimulus checks to receive some support. You just have to be a in-state resident who earned less than $26,000 in 2020, and missed previous stimulus checks.

Another funding plan includes investments in tourism workers whose incomes have been wiped out by the lack of tourism. This includes funding for startups, as well as investments in tourism-related jobs, according to tweets by Governor Kathy Hochul.

Tennessee stimulus check update

Earlier this year, the Tennessee State Legislature Passed SB1358, which provided for a “single risk premium of $1,000 for full-time employees and $500 for part-time employees” of state public schools. These should have been received by the end of the year, but like the issues facing the IRS, the payments could still be received now.

Texas stimulus check update

Another state that is focusing educators for additional stimulus checks is Texas, where individual school districts have introduced various bonus systems to encourage teachers to return to the classroom. Fort Worth and Arlington raised pay for district employees by 4%; Denton provided a bonus payment of $500; while the Irving School District promised a $2,000 stimulus payment to teachers who returned to class in September.


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