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The best offshore gambling sites now offer simulated computer games lines. Yeah. It is now a thing. The current global pandemic has made spectacle sport impossible. No major sports league is even willing to follow WWE’s lead and host events without fans in the stands. Therefore, the best online sports bets came up with the idea of ​​so-called sports-sims. Whether this idea is brilliant or silly, only time will tell. Either way, that’s what we’ve been reduced to. What a dark and horrible future we live in. I mean the present. There is an English expression that claims to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. And these times are getting more and more interesting with each passing day.

Best sports betting sites on Sim

  • MyBookie – Best Sims Game Lines Available
  • Xbet – Best Experience for Sports Sims
  • BetOnline – Huge Sign Up Bonus For Sports Sims
  • CashBet – Cultivating New Sims Sports Betting

How interesting? Let’s take a look at the rules of sports sims.

Simulated Sports Betting Rules at Sportsbooks

  • All results are determined by a completely random computer simulation.
  • Games must be fully completed for bets to stand.
  • If for some reason the game disconnects, it will restart from where it left off once the connection is reestablished.
  • The game fails to auto-save, then all progress up to that point will be forfeited and all bets will be classified as NO ACTION.
  • If connectivity cannot be restored and the game is not over, all bets will take NO ACTION.
  • First Half Bet: First Half must be completed for bets to stand.
  • Second Half Bet: The bet description will indicate whether the game will include second half bets.
  • Second half bets include extra time.

I wonder if some computers will become more popular than others. And sign sponsorship agreements. Get their own collectible cards. And develop addiction issues, hit rock bottom, go to rehab, find Jesus, write their memoirs, and make an unlikely comeback. Regardless, the best offshore gambling sites offer, for example, odds on simulated 15-minute NFL MADDEN quarterback games played on ALL-MADDEN difficulty. Here are some examples of MyBookie, for reference only:

  • CPU DALLAS COWBOYS + 2½ (+180) vs. CPU KC CHIEFS -2½ (-250)
  • MIN VIKINGS CPU-6 (-125) -240 O 47½ (-120) vs LA CHARGERS CPU +6 (-105) +170) U 47½ (-110)

There are also lines on NBA 2K20 simulated games such as this one:

  • LAKERS CPU-17½ (-120) vs BOS CELTICS CPU + 17½ (-120)

In addition to five-minute quarters, Hall of Fame difficulty 2K NCAA simulations, such as the following:

  • CPU LSU + 4½ (-115) O 88½ (-115) vs. VILLANOVA CPU -4½ (-115) U 88½ (-115)
  • CPU COLORADO +4 (-115) O 83 (-115) vs. CPU KENTUCKY -4 (-115) U 83 (-115)
  • TEXAS TECH CPU +3 (-115) O 77½ (-115) vs. FLORIDA STATE -3 (-115) U 77½ (-115)
  • HOUSTON CPU +4 (-115) O 82½ (-115) vs. CPU SETON HALL -4 (-115) U 82½ (-115)
  • WEST VIRGINIA CPU +2 (-115) O 85 (-115) vs DUKE CPU -2 (-115) U 85 (-115)
  • CPU ARIZONA -1½ (-115) O 95 (-115) vs. CPU MICHIGAN STATE + 1½ (-115) U 95 (-115)

We also have futures, because why not?


Team Chances
KANSAS processor +300
GONZAGA processor +350
CPU DUC +700
TEXAS TECH processor +2000

Games, so to speak, such as the ones listed above stream live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram. It really is a sad situation. But it could be much worse. At least we have reliable technology these days. Imagine if instead of Madden we were to settle for Tekmo Bowl, with its absurdly overwhelming Bo Jackson. Or, instead of NBA 2K, Double Dribble with its glitch that allows the player to hit a 3 point each time. All things considered, we should be grateful for the little favors.


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