Simulation Theory: Are We Real?


Let’s go for a new episode of Infinite Rabbit Hole video podcast, and in this one, the show’s hosts speak to expert Rizwan Virk to review his findings regarding simulation theory and evidence that we live in a simulated world. Would it be something like The Matrix or The Sims, and how would that work? Find out what Virk has to say by watching the interview embedded above!

Here is the information about Infinite Rabbit Hole and its hosts:

Welcome to the infinite rabbit hole! The podcast that always goes further and has a habit of making you think twice about reality. One path may travel into the deepest forests of the Pacific Northwest to track down everyone’s favorite standing monster, and the next path may take us to the bottom of the ocean to discover the source of the Bloop, or perhaps being that we are abducted and brought to Zeta Reticuli (that’s if you believe space is real of course). Jake, Jeff, Kenzar and Jeremy offer their unique perspective across the world that parallels ours as they act as your guides through the Infinite Rabbit Hole!

Jeremy Socha: Cryptid Enthusiast, Folklore Archaeologist and everyone interested in the Uncanny. Jeremy is just beginning his introduction as a powerhouse in the world of the unknown. Get ready, because he’s only just started this journey, but once he leaves, he’ll blow your mind!

Jacob Owens: Jake spends his time enjoying nature and prefers hiking, fishing, or motorcycling to spending the day indoors at all times. He believes in the truths contained in the Bible and sees the world through the lenses of Christianity and the love of Jesus.

Jeff Fernandez: Conspiratorial truth seeker. Jeff believes nothing and everything at the same time. He questions everything, including his own theories, and has a lot to do. Put on your tinfoil hat and strap on your DeLorean because this ride is going to be crazy!

Kenzar Benson: Kenzar would much rather spend his time outdoors looking for a ghost town or a cryptid, but it’s cold in the Great White North, so that’s not always an option. Keen to dig deeper into any topic, Kenzar loves a bit of everything and always asks questions. Nothing can stop him from trying to find the answers, except maybe the owls.

Some previous episodes of Infinite Rabbit Hole (which happen to be two of the three episodes where the show covered Skinwalker Ranch) can be seen below. For more, head over to the Paranormal Network YouTube channel – and subscribe to the channel while you’re there! The Paranormal Network is home to shows such as We Want to Believe, Chasing the Haunted, The UFO Show, That Bigfoot Show, UFO Incidents, and Myths.

What did you think of the new episode of Infinite Rabbit Hole and the interview with Rizwan Virk? What do you think of simulation theory? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.


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