Shivratri 2022: Check Out This Ultimate Fasting Guide For Diabetic Patients

Shivratri marks an important day for Hindus who celebrate it by worshiping Lord Shiva and observing a fast. Preparations for this festival start days in advance and the day is considered auspicious and lucky. The Shivratri fast has special significance for devotees of Shiva, and many even go the whole day without consuming anything. However, for people with diabetes or other health complications, fasting can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, because healthy fasting requires nothing more than proper management and understanding of food. Diabetologist Dr Pramod Tripathi, from Freedom From Diabetes, tells us: “While most doctors around the world do not recommend fasting, people with diabetes can definitely and safely fast for Shivratri,” he says. In fact, fasting can be beneficial for diabetics because every time we consume something, insulin is released in our body, which inhibits fat burning.

“Fasting may prove to be the most effective solution to reduce the toxic glucose overload in our body,” says Dr. Pramod, adding: “It is interesting to note that during World War I and World War II, the Type 2 diabetes death rates have dropped dramatically since food was rationed and people ate less, so fasting may actually be beneficial.

When you consume a low carbohydrate diet throughout the day, it will help you detoxify your body and burn excess fat and glucose in the body. However, if you are a type 1 diabetic or a lean type 2 diabetic, it is best to avoid prolonged fasting periods. Diabetic patients should also make sure to check their blood sugar and blood pressure at regular intervals throughout the day. “You might sometimes feel uncomfortable due to sudden deviation from daily routine. So make sure to drink salt water to avoid dehydration. You can also consume appetite suppressants like l water, green tea, cinnamon, coffee,
Sabja or chia seeds. Remember, hunger does not persist. It comes in waves and will pass – so stay busy,” adds Dr Pramod.

As a diabetic patient, you can also opt for complete water-dependent or intermittent fasting. If you have any doubts about your current condition, consult a doctor or dietitian for the same.

Safe foods to eat:

  1. Tamarind or kokum saar with stevia
  2. Lemon sorbet without sugar and addition of stevia drops
  3. Coffee – black or with coconut milk
  4. Soaked nuts like walnuts or almonds
  5. kuttu (buckwheat)
  6. Singapore (water chestnut)
  7. Sweet potato in limited quantity
  8. makhana
  9. Whole fruit

Foods to avoid:

  1. Sago (sabudana)
  2. Potato
  3. Warai
  4. Juice
  5. fried foods

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