Sacramento offers guaranteed income for local artists


The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on people of all professions, including artists. To help this group, the City of Sacramento plans to donate a monthly salary to local artists. This kind of coronavirus The stimulus check for artists is actually part of the city’s Guaranteed Basic Income program.

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Coronavirus stimulus check for artists

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has proposed a pilot program to support the city’s creative economy. This coronavirus stimulus check for artists, if approved, will be an unconditional payment.

“Basic Income programs have produced positive results for individuals and families, and we look forward to trying this approach in Sacramento,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “Many artists are struggling financially, and a small infusion of cash could give them the freedom to focus on their work without fear.”

Authorities offer to set aside $10 million city got under federal COVID relief fund, for the administration of the Guaranteed Basic Income program. If approved, the program would provide a monthly income to artists to compensate them for financial losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sacramento is currently interviewing local artists for help deciding program details, including how the money should be distributed. Once the program is approved, eligible artists could receive the money by this fall.

“The City’s Office of Arts and Culture is seeking feedback from local artists and creators on a potential Guaranteed Basic Income for Artists (GBI) program,” the city said. announcement on its website.

Is this the right use of money?

Although the city authorities believe in supporting local artists, many feel it is a waste of money. These people are of the opinion that guaranteed income programs generally do not use funds intended for those who need financial assistance the most.

Moreover, another argument against guaranteed income is that it encourages many people to retire from work and stay at home. Some studies show that universal and guaranteed income programs have actually significantly reduced the number of hours worked annually among income recipients.

Opponents also argue that most struggling artists have another job support themselves until they are settled. With the job market in good shape thanks to federal stimulus programs, there are plenty of jobs available for artists to support themselves.

Sacramento isn’t the only city considering an artist support plan. Last year, New York City also presented a plan to use nearly $6 billion in COVID-19 recovery funds to support artists, taxi drivers and the homeless. Under the plan, about 1,800 local artists, who have suffered financially during the pandemic, have received $5,000 in stimulus checks.

NYC also offered a separate program, called City Canvas, which was an initiative of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and ArtBridge (non-profit). As part of the program, around 60 artists were selected to showcase their works on building fences and sidewalk shelters around the city.


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