Ridiculous Simulation Games Everyone Should Try


From time to time, someone decides to develop a video game that defies understanding and any attempt at logical analysis.

Since my brain can’t understand these kinds of games, the next most viable option is usually to make me laugh so hard I start crying.

Here are some of the weirdest simulation games you should try if the above description works for you as well.

WEEER simulator

in DEEEER Simulator you can do normal everyday things like riding a horse or fighting someone using capoeira.

If that’s not your thing, maybe try swinging through town by strapping your neck to things like a grappling hook or blasting all hell with a set of wood guns.

Although the slogan of this game is “Your Average Everyday Deer Game”, it is not. Prepare to come face to face with hilariously harrowing moments with a level of absurdity that is hard to match.

Totally accurate combat simulator

In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), you set up totally unrealistic battle scenarios, like ten woolly mammoths against 10,000 chickens, or Zeus against an army of infantry wielding a bazooka.

Plus, you can even create custom units to see how far you can take battles beyond the limit of total madness.

Give your custom unit a bow that shoots boulders, add a unique ability that turns it into a bat, or give it the ability to rain down lightning on enemies – it’s all within the realm of possibility in TABS.

Detail of the cleaning of the viscera

Viscera Cleanup Detail is as visceral as its name suggests.

Yes, it’s fun to smash into a necromorph’s face with your steel-toed boot, but have you ever stopped to think about who gets to clean up the mess next?

The answer is you and maybe a few friends you managed to get to play a sanitation simulation game.

bear simulator

Bear Simulator puts you in the role of a bear.

You’ll spend most of your time hunting and foraging, and each kill increases the skills you used to kill your prey.

You can also wear a hat with other customization options.

Adept Simulator

Cultist Simulator is a roguelike narrative card game with a catch – you don’t get any instructions on how to play the game.

As you learn how to play the game, you also learn why you are playing it and what your goal is.

The cards you choose to play create a personalized narrative unique to you, filled with intrigue, mystery, and disturbing themes.

rock simulator

Rock Simulator hopes to offer gamers a philosophical shift in perspective. The game’s description sums it up beautifully: “Become what you’ve always wanted, a rock with no responsibilities, no debts, and no worries.”

In Rock Simulator, your friends can join you in watching the day and night cycle for eternity.

Don’t forget about customization, too – you can be a plain rock, a shiny gold rock, or a rock with bold patterns.

A dog’s life is nothing like being a rock.

goat simulator

By now, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Goat Simulator.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with Goat Simulator, it involves playing as Pilgor The Goat, doing everything not typically within a goat’s realm of experience.

Joining space battles, headbutting people in their extremities, vandalizing public property at will, and laughing until you can’t breathe are just some of the things you’ll do in Goat Simulator.

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