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Audrey Strauss, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that SCOTT ROBINSON was sentenced to 18 months in prison today in connection with years of ROBINSON selling and distributing adulterated and mislabeled drugs , including performance enhancing drugs marketed to racehorse trainers and others in the racehorse industry. ROBINSON pleaded guilty to one count on September 16, 2020, before U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken, who also imposed the sentence today.

American lawyer Audrey Strauss said: “Scott Robinson created and took advantage of a system designed to exploit racehorses in pursuit of speed and money, at the risk of their safety and well-being. . Robinson sold unsanitary, mislabeled and falsified drugs, and misled and deceived regulators and law enforcement in the process.

According to the Indictment, Alternative Information to which ROBINSON has pleaded guilty, and other court documents, as well as statements made in public court proceedings:

From at least in or around 2011 until at least in or around March 2020, ROBINSON conspired with others to manufacture, sell and ship millions of dollars worth of adulterated and mislabeled equine drugs, including performance enhancing drugs. (“PED”) intended for administration to racehorses for the purpose of improving the racing performance of such horses in order to win races and obtain cash prizes. ROBINSON has sold these drugs on several consumer websites designed to appeal to trainers and owners of racehorses, including, among others, “horseprerace.com”.

ROBINSON aided the conspiracy by sourcing, among other things, chemicals used to create custom DEPs that were advertised and sold; falsely label, package and ship these PEDs to customers across the country, including the Southern District of New York; and collect, report and respond to employee and customer complaints about mislabelled and falsified products advertised and sold online. Among the drugs advertised and sold during the plot were “blood builders,” which are used by racehorse trainers and others to increase the number of red blood cells and / or oxygenation of muscle tissue. a racehorse in order to boost the horse’s endurance. , which improves that horse’s performance and recovery after a race, as well as personalized pain relievers that are used by racehorse trainers and others to calm a horse’s nerves and block pain to improve the performance of a horse in the race. The drugs distributed on the Respondent’s websites were manufactured in facilities not registered by the FDA and posed significant risks to animals affected by the administration of these illicit DEPs. For example, in 2016, ROBINSON received a complaint about the effect of its unregulated medications on a client’s horse: walking. Could I have a bad medicine bottle, I’m afraid to give more since this has happened three times. Commenting on this complaint, ROBINSON wrote simply: “here is another one”.

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In addition to his jail term, ROBINSON, 46, of Tampa, Fla., Was sentenced to three years on probation and forfeiture of $ 3,832,318.90.

Ms. Strauss praised the outstanding investigative work of the FBI New York Office’s Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force and its support for the FBI’s Sports and Gaming Integrity Initiative. Ms Strauss also thanked the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, the New York State Police and the New York City Police Department for their support in this investigation, as well as the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration for their help and expertise.

This case is being handled by the Office’s Money Laundering and Transnational Criminal Enterprises Unit. Deputy Prosecutors for the United States Sarah Mortazavi, Benet J. Kearney and Andrew C. Adams are charged with the prosecution.


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