People who put their mobile on silent check their phone more than others

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  • Putting the phone on silent to avoid distractions can backfire.
  • Experts say there is no standard solution to solve the smartphone distraction problem.
  • When study participants put the phone on silent, they checked the phone 98.2 times a day.

A team of Penn State researchers found that putting smartphones on silent mode to avoid distractions could lead people to check their phones even more frequently.

The study published in the journal Computers in human behavior showed that people who scored high on the “need to belong” and “fear of missing out” personality batteries checked their phones more often after putting them on silent.

Experts also said that there is no standard solution to solve the problem of smartphone distraction.

“The general approach to overcoming addiction is to reduce the use of this substance,” says S Shyam Sundar, James P Jimirro Professor of Media Effects at Donald P Bellisario College of Communications and co-director of the Media Effects Research Lab.

He said there was no evidence that methods of reducing smartphone use, such as muting notifications or restricting phone access, were psychologically effective.

Data was collected from 138 iPhone users.

This work is based on data collected from screen time monitoring tool of 138 iPhone users.

When the phone was in notification mode like vibration or audio alert, people checked their phone 52.9 times a day. In stark contrast, phones were checked 98.2 times a day when on silent.

Experts have concluded that different people react differently to technology and its features. Therefore, before developing healthier tech habits, it is important to understand personality.


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