More money can be claimed, but beware of these fraudulent schemes


As financial woes continue to plague Americans in the face of sky-high inflation and spark yet more calls for another round of stimulus check aid, scams are also on the rise trying to secure the funds that cash-strapped residents might already have.

In a statement to CNBCIRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig reiterated that the IRS will not contact anyone by email or text regarding stimulus checks or their tax refunds, despite an increase in scams that usually coincides with tax season.

“With tax season underway, it’s a prime time for identity thieves to hit people with realistic emails and texts about their tax returns and refunds,” he said. .

The scams, which aim to steal identity information, stimulus or other pandemic-related funds and even actual tax returns, can be perpetuated through emails, text messages, phone calls and even messages on social networks. The IRS firmly maintains that the only time a text message will be sent to filers is if it is tied to IRS Secure Access, which also includes a two-factor authentication process.

The rise in scams comes as many Americans prepare to file 2021 tax returns, which will include claims for the third stimulus check, child tax credits and previous year unemployment claims. .

Those worried about funds and willing to use their tax returns to give them a little more leeway may also be eligible for state-level assistance, depending on where they live.

According to WKRC, following the success of California’s Golden State Stimulus checks in 2021, plans are in place to likely produce another round in 2022. Governor Gavin Newsom has previously said he plans to include them in his annual budget plan for the state as long as there are surplus funds to accommodate them. Additionally, New York still has assistance available for undocumented workers in the state who have not received any federal assistance in the past two years.

Indiana is also providing a $125 refund on the state’s current budget surplus after filing its 2021 tax returns, and Florida’s budget will also potentially include $1,000 bonus checks for teachers. , similar to those they received in 2021.

Representation. A COVID-19 stimulus check. Photo: Pixabay


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