MakerBot Method 3D Printers Achieve UL GREENGUARD Certification


MakerBot received GREENGUARD certification from UL for its METHOD, METHOD X and SKETCH 3D printers when processing MakerBot Tough materials, as well as the Clean Air System with METHOD X when printing with ABS, PC-ABS and Nylon materials.

GREENGUARD Certification is an internationally recognized product emissions labeling and certification program that rates products against third party chemical emission standards. It follows the launch of MakerBot’s rapidly dissolving water-soluble support material RapidRinse – which eliminates the need for caustic chemicals during post-processing and, according to the company, is the latest in a series of initiatives. ongoing to support industry safety, sustainability and compliance. .

MakerBot’s METHOD and SKETCH 3D printers feature closed build chambers designed to prevent access to the build plate during printing on the go, while SKETCH also includes a built-in particulate filter. The Clean Air System, on the other hand, is an intelligent dual filtration system for the METHOD platform that includes a HEPA filter for protection against ultra-fine particles (UFP) and an activated carbon filter for protection against airborne particles. volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors. In order to achieve GREENGUARD certification, the Clean Air System with METHOD X has been tested for PFUs and VOCs in an exposure chamber controlled according to ANSI / CAN / UL 2904.1 with results showing that PFUs have been reduced to ‘to 100% and the total VOCs reduced by up to 64%.

“Our goal with METHOD is to make 3D printing of advanced engineered materials more accessible to engineers,” commented Nadav Goshen, CEO of MakerBot. “Part of the challenge is making it easy to print these documents in the office, home and school. Obtaining UL GREENGUARD Certification for the MakerBot Clear Air with METHOD X shows that we can reduce 3D printing emissions from materials well below maximum levels, a major step towards improving the 3D printing process.

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