Government of Adityanath sets project deadlines for next 2 years


The development of Ayodhya Dham and Ram Temple through the use of hydrogen fuel cell technology for power generation and the launch of the Atal Infrastructure and Industry Mission (AIIM) to strengthen infrastructure and facilities State industrial facilities are among the main goals in Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his cabinet’s plans for the next two years.

After reviewing the work of 11 departments on Friday, the chief minister and his cabinet set deadlines for projects the government intends to complete over the next two years.

“AIIM would aim to promote infrastructure and investment in the state by boosting ease of doing business and providing different facilities for investors. This would, among other things, ensure the modernization of industrial regions and existing infrastructure,” an official said.

The AIIM was among the initiatives that the BJP mentioned in its election manifesto.

Shortly after being sworn in as chief minister for the second consecutive term, Adityanath ordered ministers and officials to set three short-term goals – for the first 100 days, six months and a year – for the execution of works and development projects. He asked all departments to prepare comprehensive and achievable work plans within these deadlines.

Adityanath and his ministers also reviewed the targets set by the departments for various infrastructure and industrial projects.

The Chief Minister has set the deadline for the officials to organize the ‘Global Investor Summit’ and aim to attract investment proposals worth Rs 10 lakh crore over the next two years. He also set the deadline to hold another inauguration ceremony in 100 days for the remaining investment proposals from previous years.

Apart from asking the officials to speed up the work of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport in Ayodhya, he also asked them to explore the possibility of introducing hydrogen fuel cell technology for power generation and the development of Ayodhya Dham and Ram Temple.

For the Department of Public Works, the Chief Minister has set the target of completing the widening and beautification of 10,000 km of roads, the construction of 16,500 km of roads, 300 bridges, 200 railway bridges and 1 000 mini-bridges gradually over the next five years.

In the electricity sector, officials have been tasked with ensuring “electricity for all” over the next five years by ensuring that seven power units with a capacity of 4126 MVA each are ready in 100 days, while 20 power units with a capacity of 7,906 wach are operational within the next six months.

He said officials are expected to conclude the construction of factory complexes in Agra, Kanpur and Gorakhpur within the next 100 days and also work to make Uttar Pradesh a “world textile hub”.

While the Chief Minister had already announced the establishment of a film city in the state, he directed officials to select the developer of the project within the next six months and ensure the transfer of the entire land for the project in two years. He also asked them to select developers in 100 days for setting up six MSME parks across the state and also ensure disbursement of easy loans to 1 lakh businessmen in 100 days by through loans.

He ordered officials to complete the works of Bundelkhand highway, Link highway which connects Gorakhpur and Purvanchal region and sign MoU with National Highways Authority of India for Ballia highway Link.


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