Fourth stimulus check update: Payment up to $7,500 available, online petition for $2,000 underway


Americans looking for a fourth stimulus check can try applying to eight ongoing programs that can credit up to $7,500. These programs can help provide financial assistance to struggling families.

Many American families are struggling with economic inflation due to the pandemic. Costs for drugs, groceries and other necessities are constantly rising and families are not earning enough to cover these expenses. This makes stimulus checks and other related efforts essential for the community.

Fortunately, there are eight ongoing programs that can provide financial assistance to eligible Americans.

Stimulus Check Update Four: Programs You Can Apply For

BGR said everything from stimulus checks to basic income programs was being tried in various cities to support struggling families. However, be aware that the available programs are generally exclusive to residents of the state government implementing them. This means that only residents can apply for the program at their respective locations.

California: Thanks to the initiative of Governor Gavin Newsom, residents are benefiting from the Golden State Stimulus tax refund program. According to state officials, the last installment of these payments was distributed on January 11, so recipients can expect the money to reflect in their account over the next three weeks.

Chicago: With their latest financial assistance package, lawmakers decided to help 5,000 low-income households with annual incomes below $35,000. For each month of an entire year, these families will receive payments of $500! Payments will begin sometime this year.

Durham, North Carolina: Up to 115 incarcerated former residents can receive monthly payments of $500 for one year. This is part of their Excel pilot program “to assess the effects of guaranteed income on recidivism and reincarceration, employment, economic security and income volatility”.

Indiana: Residents can receive a $125 refund after filing their taxes this year.

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Newark, New Jersey: Its expanded UBI program will award 400 residents total financial assistance of $12,000 over two years. Note, however, that eligibility only applies to participants with low incomes and who have experienced hardship due to the pandemic.

New Orleans: As part of their financial education program, free money is distributed to teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 and 24. The program will be in effect for 10 months.

New York: The state’s Tourism Worker Recovery Fund is giving local workers a one-time $2,750 recovery payment. The program aims to accommodate up to 36,000 workers. The state is proactively contacting eligible workers, so recipients are recommended to monitor for updates.

Vermont: The state offers repayment grants of up to $7,500 for workers who have recently moved into the state. Note that workers who recently got a new job may also receive additional benefits.

Dunning Check Status 4: Will the IRS Send Payments?

In addition to these ongoing financial aid packages, it should be noted that the call for a fourth stimulus check is still on the table. Online petition demanding monthly payment of $2,000 already reached 3,022,799 signatures on its target of 4,500,000 at the time of writing.

This online petition is led by Stephanie Bonin, who stressed that Americans need “recurring and reliable” payments for the duration of the pandemic. Fans hope this petition will be enough to convince lawmakers to approve a fourth stimulus check.

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