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A full plate in the Senate could delay the adoption of Build Back Better

Democrats in Congress have had their hands full this year trying to uphold President Biden’s decision appointments and adoption of laws based on sound Rebuild better agenda. They managed to get her swept American rescue plan before unemployment benefits expire in March, as well as another round of stimulus checks and a host of other measures to deal with the covid pandemic19.

However, negotiations over the next two phases of Biden’s plan stalled as negotiations to push through a bipartisan infrastructure bill along with a larger social spending bill dragged on. The the infrastructure bill erased the post last month hoping to pass the second bill before Christmas, but that might not happen now, according to House Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal.

There are several fires that need to be put out more urgently, including funding federal government debt obligations to avoid default. After throwing the box on the road, the new “Date X“is defined for December 15. Negotiations to achieve this will take precious time needed to sort out the final details of the Rebuild a better bill sent to the Senate for consideration.


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