Eolian receives a patent for the Metaverse system and method


The Eolian Simulation Platform (ESP) currently underpins a number of high-level systems and platforms developed by Eolian on behalf of US federal agencies and national healthcare organizations.

TAMPA, Florida., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EolianVR, Inc. (Wind), a leading US defense contractor specializing in mixed reality solutions, announced that it has been officially granted a federally issued patent that will protect and enhance the continued development of its unique and revolutionary software, Eolian Simulation Platform (ESP ).

ESP allows users around the world to seamlessly enter a 3D virtual world and navigate the same experience using augmented and virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs) or through their mobile device or their computer. Inside these virtual worlds, users can view and share all types of content, ranging from 3D models and geospatial data to images and videos. The ability to interact in real time using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) is one of ESP’s distinguishing features, as is the ability to customize each virtual experience to their unique needs.

“This invention makes it easy for our customer base to implement and maintain a massive, scalable metaverse that is secure and can keep pace with innovation,” said Michael McCormack, CEO, EolianVR. “This patent testifies to the revolutionary work that is a trademark of Eolian and reinforces the efficiency and success of the multiple high-level systems that we have developed over several United States federal agencies and national health organizations.

With the intellectual property protection provided by the patent, Eolian will continue to develop and improve mixed reality platforms for a multitude of industries, including military/defense, healthcare and real estate, while maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of the proprietary technology. ESP is a highly desired and complementary next step for customers wishing to leverage the metaverse to develop and deploy realistic use cases for their organizations.

Within the framework of the patent, Eolian was able to successfully launch ARTAK Mark 1, which was developed for users of the United States Department of Defense. ARTAK provides enhanced situational awareness and 3D mission planning capabilities for specific military use cases.

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Eolian is a technology company that started in 2016 with a clear mission to improve the performance of the most elite teams in the world by transforming cutting-edge technology into mission-critical capabilities. Eolian develops Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), AI/Machine Learning and 3D Animation solutions for businesses and government/public sector entities.

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