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If your smartphone doubles as an alarm clock, you may be wasting time to close your eyes as text messages, alerts, and other notifications arrive throughout the night. Constant loud noise and bright lights can exacerbate sleep problems by disrupting a person’s circadian rhythm.

Jall thinks his Wake Up Light Sunrise alarm clock is the simple solution. This digital sleep aid is designed to wake you up gently and naturally by simulating sunrise light. Heavy and light sleepers of all ages can benefit from this soothing device. In addition, this wake-up light can accommodate more than one sleeper in the room thanks to its dual alarm clocks.

We tested the Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock to see if it can really help you wake up feeling refreshed.

Test sunrise alarm clock

We tested the Wake Up Light Sunrise alarm clock with a self-described light sleeper. They had no previous experience with a sunrise alarm clock and normally use their phone’s alarm feature to wake them up in the morning.

Sunrise Alarm Clock Overview

While alarm clocks are certainly not new or state of the art, Sunrise alarm clocks have become popular in recent years. This innovative product uses artificial light to simulate a sunrise to gently wake you up.

Light naturally suppresses melatonin, a sleep hormone, and activates your internal clock. The Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock uses this science by mimicking the gradual rise of the sun and, when used over time, can even ease your circadian rhythm into a pattern.

How to use the Sunrise alarm clock

Setting up the sunrise alarm clock is simple and takes little time. After plugging in the alarm clock, we followed each page of the manual with ease to set the clock to our specifications and familiarize ourselves with the many features. You will also find labels inside the box, which will help you adjust the settings even faster.

Before going to bed, you can set the alarm clock to your preferred wake-up time and adjust various settings, including light color, brightness level, ringtone and volume. You will also need to decide how far in advance you want the sunrise simulation light to start. Each of these settings allows you to completely customize the clock to suit your own wake-up preferences, making mornings a whole lot calmer.

Key Features of Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock has a plethora of features and settings to suit your individual preferences. The main feature, the sunrise light, can be configured in many ways. It offers seven color changes (blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow and green) and 20 brightness levels. Additionally, you can set the sunrise simulation light to start 10, 20 or 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, starting at 10% brightness and progressing to 100% brightness .

For those who also have trouble falling asleep, the Fall Asleep mode is a valuable feature. After choosing your desired sound and brightness levels, you can set the timer from 10 to 120 minutes, allowing the sound and light to fade until you gradually fall asleep.

There are seven alarm sounds to choose from, including natural sounds, like ocean waves and birdsong, and other sounds, like wind bells and piano music. The alarm clock offers 16 volume levels. A snooze button lets you sleep nine more minutes before you go again, and it can be pressed up to five times.

If there are several people sleeping in the same room, they can use this single device. The Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock features a dual alarm clock, which accommodates two separate wake up times. It also has a USB charging port.

Besides the obvious functions, this Sunrise alarm clock has many other uses. For example, the soft light it generates can be useful in the middle of the night to feed your baby, read a book or go to the toilet.

In addition, the Sunrise alarm clock is an FM clock radio. You can activate it by pressing the radio button or automatically scan all stations by holding the button for two seconds.

Sunrise alarm clock price

The Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock costs $45.98.

Where is the sunrise alarm clock sold?

You can find the Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock on Amazon.

Should you get the sunrise alarm clock?

Based on our experience, we believe the Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock is a useful sleep aid that can help you wake up feeling refreshed. Setup is easy and the versatile features can be configured to individual needs. We recommend Jall’s Wake Up Light Alarm Clock to anyone looking for a calmer way to wake up in the morning.

Advantages of the Sunrise alarm clock

Overall, we were impressed with the Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock and thought it helped us start the day feeling rested. We set the color to orange and had the light turn on 10 minutes before the sound, which made a significant positive difference in our mood. When the alarm sounded, we were already ready to start our day instead of being woken up by a deafening sound.

The FM radio is a handy feature and we enjoyed listening to local radio stations while getting ready. Plus, we liked that the Sunrise alarm clock was small and sleek to sit on any table or nightstand.

Disadvantages of the Sunrise alarm clock

As light sleepers, we’ve had a positive experience using the sunrise alarm clock, but we’re not sure how well it would work for deep sleepers and if there would be enough light to wake them up. In addition, we wished that the light could be adjusted even brighter, so that it could be used as a lamp.

Also, some users find the radio difficult to use and find it difficult to change or set the time. With the Sunrise Alarm’s range of features, we suggest you read the entire manual before setting up the clock to familiarize yourself with all the buttons and settings.

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