Did the Boston Bomber receive a stimulus check?


After planting two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon with his brother Tamerlan, Djokhar Tzarnaev was sentenced to death. Despite the overturning of the sentence on appeal, he remains in prison for several terms of life imprisonment.

It is therefore surprising that he received the last stimulus check, sent in 2021. Although he is eligible to receive the funds, as he earns below the threshold to obtain them, a court record made him withdraw the funds and appropriate to its victims. This is because he used other funds sent to him to pay family members, according to released court documents. These include items such as “freebies”, “assistance” and “books”.

“The United States contends that the relief sought [stimulus check] is reasonable and appropriate in this case, in particular in light of the defendant prioritizing payments to his siblings over victims of his crimes“, wrote the prosecutors.

It will not be a way to repay the huge criminal restitution payments. These add up to over $ 101 million, so the $ 1,400 payment is just over 0.0013592233009708738 percent of the total money to be repaid.

What’s the latest with Tsarnaev?

Tzarnaev remains in jail after being sentenced, but the Biden administration has asked the Supreme Court to reinstate his death sentence. The High Court heard the arguments in October but has yet to rule.

How many stimulus check payments were sent in the past year?

The lower than expected third stimulus check payout was disappointing for many, but it at least got Biden through the entire US bailout and start the distribution pretty quickly. In June, the IRS reported that 163.5 million payments had been sent as part of the third follow-up check, totaling over 390 billion dollars.


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