Confused about the many cannabis regulations? Massachusetts researchers have created a method to clear things up


Cannabis Public Policy Council (CPPC)a Massachusetts-based company that focuses on increasing levels of certainty in cannabis public policy planning announced in June that it had released a pilot report of its Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcome Survey (RDCOS).

“The RDCOS will be a quarterly survey that will provide the largest and most comprehensive dataset to date on cannabis policy, market and health trends,” CPPC said in a statement. Press.

“Through our work with over a dozen clients to develop safe and effective cannabis regulation, it has become very clear to our team that there is a significant gap in the data available on the cannabis industry,” said mackenzie slade, director of the CPPC. “RDCOS is CPPC’s original research initiative that aims to fill this gap. With this data, policymakers, governments, ancillary institutions and businesses will be better equipped to improve cannabis regulations and legalization to achieve better economic, social and public health outcomes.

Dr. Michael SofisDirector of Research and Products at CPPC said the RDCOS would be issued three more times throughout 2022.

“The quarterly cycle increases the size of our sample, and therefore the validity and accuracy of the results. The quarterly cycle also allows us to understand results with respect to cannabis production periods and cycles, and allows us to keep pace with changing results. By far, this investigation is the most comprehensive scientific monitoring and causal analysis of cannabis outcomes.

CPPC will use the RDCOS as a data source for its Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab“the only predictive modeling tool that identifies the outcomes, contingencies, and addictions of future state-level cannabis legislation,” the company said in a press release.

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