Complete master check up at Rs. 1,000 at Stanley Hospital


CHENNAI: Health Minister Ma Subramanian inaugurated the program at the hospital which will provide access to all essential screening tests at an affordable cost.

“Screening will be done for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, kidney disorders and liver disorders through various blood tests with fully automated analyzer. Several other hospitals including Rajiv Government General Hospital Gandhi, Omandurar Government Hospital, Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital are also providing the general health checkup.This will help in the early detection and treatment of these diseases,” the Minister of Health said.

Dr P Balaji, Dean of Stanley Medical College and Hospital, said that due to the sharp increase in the prevalence of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease, early detection by means of the USG abdomen and counseling regarding dietary and lifestyle modification can significantly reduce mortality. and morbidity. An amount of Rs 15 lakhs has been allocated by the government to purchase a new USG machine. A new digital X-ray machine was also installed and went live on Sunday.

As many as 763 new cases of breast cancer and 124 cases of cervical cancer have been recorded in the past 4 years at the hospital and the majority of the cases were at an advanced stage at the time of diagnosis resulting in an increase in mortality. For early detection of breast cancer, equipment for VIA VILI/Pap Smear at a cost of Rs. 2.5 crores will be procured along with echocardiography echo equipment.

The minister also inaugurated a renovated operation theater complex on the first floor of the new surgical block with 10 C-Arm supported operating tables with state-of-the-art facilities costing a total of 25 lakhs. He also inaugurated the Pain Relief Clinic which will be helpful in the rehabilitation of patients with intractable pain like cancer patients, neuropathy patients, spinal cord injury, arthritis etc. A fully air-conditioned and refurbished library at a cost of Rs 75 lakhs was also inaugurated.

The Minister of Health also praised 15 NGOs for extending their services during the pandemic.

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