Cities: Skylines: Check PC and Game Requirements


Additionally, the game can also be accessed via Xbox Game Pass and is free until March 17. At Epic Games St.pray. See below for more details on the game and title requirements to run on your PC.

In the game, the player can create his city from a freeway exit that connects to the rest of the map. Building options start with roads and zoning which will determine the type of structure to be built on the site, such as high or low density residential areas, industrial areas, etc.

By defining construction zones, people and businesses will begin to move into your city and erect houses, buildings and factories that will become your landscape. They will also pay taxes to cover the costs of building and maintaining the city.

When people start living in your city, you have to take care of many other details, such as electricity supply, transport, sanitation, health, education, leisure, employment, etc. Resident satisfaction will guide the future of your town: they may like living there or decide that their taxes aren’t worth paying. This will attract or dislodge new residents and therefore investments.

In addition to managing the financial aspect, traffic is also a huge challenge in the game. Indeed, the highways built must meet the demand of local residents and follow an organization. If not improved, it disrupts the entire flow of the city, making it difficult to provide cleaning, fire and hospital services.

Upon its initial release in 2015, Cities: Skylines It was only available for PC, until it won a version for PlayStation 4 and XboxOne In 2017 and in Nintendo switch, in 2018. Over the years, the game received many updates which added new types of buildings, weather conditions, etc. In January 2022, a new update was released with airports raising the minimum and recommended requirements for the game. Check it out below:


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