Checking ‘homework’ at campus gate as elementary students return to school


Elementary students were greeted by their teachers at the campus gate on Tuesday morning, having their ‘homework’ – rapid antigen test results checked before they could meet classmates in classrooms after the first ‘d’ vacation. ‘summer”.

From today, primary school children can resume a half-day schedule with a full resumption by May 3, while secondary schools can allow some pupils to return for half-days at from May 3, with all students returning for half-days by May 10.

All nursery, primary and secondary schools, including international schools, were suspended in March instead of July, until after the Easter holidays in mid-April for a “summer” break. The move was aimed at controlling the rise in infections that have overwhelmed health facilities and resources.

Students at a primary school in Tsing Yi said they were delighted to finally be back in school.

A sixth-grade student told reporters that it had been months since he had returned to school and was looking forward to resuming classroom lessons, as well as having extra-curricular activities at the school.

He also said he woke up about 15 minutes earlier than usual for a rapid antigen test before going to school, and the process went well for him.

Meanwhile, the parents said they also woke up earlier to supervise their children during the tests. They also called on authorities or schools to distribute the rapid antigen test kits to ease the financial burden on families.

Pediatric groups have previously advised parents to be careful with swabs, inserting them no more than two centimeters into a nostril to minimize the risk of nosebleeds.

Also during the swab, it was emphasized that children should blow their nose but avoid washing their nose, drinking water, eating or even brushing their teeth before taking the test.


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