Check your child’s attention to detail with this brain teaser!


Kids these days spend a lot of their time on devices. Rather than playing with bats and balls, they swipe their fingers across the screens. Rather than observing nature in its natural state, they watch aggressive cartoons for hours on end. Rather than soaking in the rewarding sunlight, they emphasize their delicate eyes on the UV light-emitting screens.

As times change, parents are busy and children are aggressive, but it is difficult to control the child’s growth.

The mere thought of growth makes parents wonder if they are meeting their child’s basic “physical” needs. Does your child eat nutritious foods? Does your child get enough sleep? Does your child wear clean clothes? Well, most modern parents would nod their heads in a big yes, they are missing something extremely important.

Although physical needs are mostly met, parents often forget to think about emotional needs and mental stimulation.

By affective needs, we speak of unconditional positive regard. It refers to the basic support and acceptance of a child, regardless of what the child does or says. This very habit of unconditional positive regard builds trust between parent and child. This allows children to feel secure with their guardians, which in turn allows them to feel secure in their relationships later in life.

Coming to the third important aspect is mental stimulation. Positive mental stimulants force children to think outside the box. They force children to combine cognitive points in the brain. Stimulants like these help children use their imaginations and learn essential skills like paying close attention to detail.

Today we bring you a brain teaser that helps you check your child’s attention to detail.

Find the correct shadow!

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This Halloween, find the correct shadow of the werewolf in this spooky puzzle!

The rules

Comfort your child with a hug. Sit with them in a relaxing place. Tell them about their day and tell them about the highlights of your day. Then, when your child is in a cheerful mood, bring up the idea of ​​a game.

Now show the picture below and ask them to spot the correct shadow in just 30 seconds. Sometimes cheating is okay, especially when it comes to your child’s happiness. you can secretly give your child an extra 10 seconds without letting them know.

During those 30 seconds, allow your child to see the picture. Help them with a few clues here and there, but don’t reveal the answer. Instead, you can also try to find the answer yourself or, if you already know it, pretend to look it up with your child. It would help your child trust you and see you as one of his dearest friends, at least for a while.

Now, after those 30-40 seconds, don’t give your child any extra time, even if he insists. The key is letting them know the importance of rules and respecting decorum. Even if a game involves rules; your toddlers should learn to accept and respect them.

Now see if your child can make the correct guess. If your child guesses the correct shadow, congratulate him well, but sincerely. Give them a real sense of accomplishment. Such praise will make them more prone to those puzzles that will help them pay close attention to detail. Hang out with them, enjoy their little accomplishment, and be sure to add their favorite donut to dinner tonight.

In case they can’t make the correct guess, politely tell them the correct answer, but never scold them. Chess is dreaded by everyone and if making a tiny mistake makes your child feel defeated, they will run away from these rewarding puzzles.

Instead, help them find the similarities between the real picture and the correct shadow. This would encourage them to look for minute details whenever they encounter such challenges. Also, remind them of their excellence in the activity. Encourage them if they feel defeated and don’t miss the donuts this time too.

Hooray! We found the right shadow!


Image source: iStock

Hey toddlers,

Did you enjoy this exciting puzzle? We’re sure you did. Stay tuned for more of these exciting puzzles.

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