Check out this amazing new weed video by GUAP and Al Harrington’s Viola


Alto, the black-owned cannabis brand founded by Al Harington, recently launched the “Viola Vibes System”. For this launch, the company called on the one and only GUAP.

In rolling out this brand refresh, the Viola team wanted to create an ad that spoke to their community and decided to team up with GUAP to help bring the vibes with a cameo from the man himself, CEO Al Harrington.

The narration introduces viewers to Viola Vibes System (VVS) “our new method of curating customer experiences with our brand while providing education on our offerings to prove there’s something for everyone’s vibe, no matter what. ‘she is”.

Watch the video below.

What is the Viola Vibes System

VVS will simplify the selection and purchase process by classifying all Viola flower varieties into 4 different groups. Consumers will be able to discover and select the products that correspond to their atmosphere via the section “What is your atmosphere?” » quiz or help from a local budtender. Sharing additional details below about the new system/vibes.

Categories include:

  • Get Up and Go: the perfect vibe when you’re looking to feel energized. Wake up feeling upbeat, productive and active. These products are made for when you have things to do and are looking for stimulation to get there.
  • Good Times: When you know the vibes, you know the vibes. Enjoy the vibrancy of life while feeling happy, upbeat and in a good mood. These products are designed to add a little spice to your normal day.
  • Kick Back: Sometimes we want to enjoy the vibe and just relax. Relax and enjoy the relaxation, calm and serenity. These products are made to enjoy the wave and admire all the landscapes around you.
  • Lights Out: Welcome to the euphoric mood. Unplug completely, relax and vibrate with feelings of serenity, tranquility and peace. These products are specially designed to disconnect you from the outside world and reconnect you to yourself.

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