Check out this adorable cat backpack designed to celebrate the launch of Stray on July 19


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Stray’s release is just around the corner and the folks at BlueTwelve Studios aren’t holding back promotions for this most anticipated number one game on the Steam charts.

“Gamers and cat lovers will be drawn like catnip to the limited-edition Stray collection of cat harnesses and backpacks to celebrate the game’s digital launch on July 19,” the studio announced this week. week. “The equipment can be used to spend more quality time with cats beyond the great indoors and give cats the enrichment and stimulation they need in a feline-friendly way to support a long and healthy life. happy.”

Misplaced backpackSo yes, that travel cat bubble cat backpack is a real thing. Not only that, Travel Cat offers a harness it’s similar to what the main protagonist of Stray wears. The backpack and harness are decorated in the same color scheme as the game and both feature Stray logo patches.

“Inspired by the stunning visuals of Stray, this neon and charcoal bubble backpack was created to bring cat and game enthusiasts together,” the backpack’s description reads. “This colorful version of our international bestseller, ‘The Fat Cat’ packs the most weight of any cat backpack on the market – up to 25 cat pounds.”

The bubble backpack itself is $140 while the harness and leash set is $40. Both items will be available on August 31, and the site is currently offering a $10 coupon for both products.

While this promotion is perfect (sorry) for the gamer who loves cats, Stray is already a huge hit with Steam gamers around the world when it hit the number one spot on the platform’s most anticipated list this week.

Wait for Stray to come to PS4, PS5, Steam for PC, and the Steam Deck on July 19. And if you’re thinking of picking up any of these accessories from Travel Cat, they’ll have a live event on Thursday, June 21. at 8 p.m. ET to show Stray-themed gear in action. Be sure to RSVP!

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