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Many people have misconceptions about masturbation. Many people believe that masturbation causes various harms to the body. But various studies have shown that there is no harm in doing so. There are physical benefits to having sex. In the case of masturbation, even if there is no such benefit, there is no harm. According to the survey, many men and women rely on self-masturbation to eliminate normal sexual arousal.

Studies have shown that in the last six months, about 40% of women and 41-65% of men have opted for masturbation to get sexual satisfaction. Self-masturbation is not only a source of pleasure, it is also very effective in improving health. Masturbation is also very helpful in reducing stress, improving sleep, and reducing anxiety and depression. A recent survey showed that Vicenarian women (18-29 years old) are more prone to masturbation than men. However, the benefits of masturbation are different for men and women.

What is the use of masturbation for women?

Masturbation helps reduce urinary tract problems and infections. The cervix is ​​exposed to physical stimulation during masturbation. This can cause mucus or germs to come out of the uterus. Studies have shown that married or single women between the ages of 18 and 30 masturbate the most.

What is the use of masturbation for men?

The biggest benefit of masturbation for men is to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This is according to a 2008 study by Harvard University. The Harvard research paper was later backed up by another study by Australian cancer doctors. It has been said that men who masturbate regularly from an early age have a lower risk of prostate cancer.


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