Check older members of the community in the heat


EDITOR – Alone, the charity that helps seniors age in place, urges seniors to be careful and take necessary precautions in the current heat wave. Older people may be more vulnerable in hot weather and are at greater risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, especially those who live alone, those with health conditions and those with reduced mobility.

We are also calling on members of the public to watch older people to make sure they have everything they need and stay safe and cool in the heat. The organization is asking older people concerned about their own well-being during the heatwave to call for help and help if needed.

We also call on all members of the public to remember their neighbours, friends and older relatives living alone and consider their needs; if there’s anything you think you can help, no matter how small, even dropping it in cold bottled water. It could make all the difference for a senior in these trying times.

Sean Moynihan,

CEO, alone,


Successive governments have failed to sort out the HSE

EDITOR – HSE has been an issue for many years. Readers of a certain vintage may recall that the HSE/Department of Health was nicknamed ‘Irish Angola’.

Despite this, issues affecting the operation of the HSE have not been satisfactorily addressed.

The problems existed long before Paul Reid took the job.

While some will say things have improved, others will point to long waiting lists for services.

There has been dissatisfaction among many, including staff and, in particular, young doctors.

Yet we have ministers and TDs who “praise” Paul Reid’s performance.

This is perhaps why the country has so many problems, a lack of “honesty” from elected officials.

HSE healthcare professionals should be compensated appropriately for the work and responsibility.

Funds have been made available to pay a substantial salary increase to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, even before he takes office.

Why not pay medical staff properly?

Elected officials must face up to their responsibilities to the electorate, and deal once and for all with the unsatisfactory situation that exists within the HSE.

Michel A Moriarty,


Depressing situation faced by fishermen

EDITOR — Fuel prices have skyrocketed for our fishing industry, from 30 cents per liter to 120 cents per liter in recent months.

The fish supply will dwindle rapidly if fishermen moor rather than go out to sea if it is not worth the effort.

Fishermen are asking the government to step up and help them.

It’s a depressing situation that shows the reality of the rising cost of living that affects everyone.

Noel Harington,


The wildlife chronicle will be greatly missed

EDITOR – I was sad to read in a recent edition of The southern star that we will no longer be able to benefit from the beautiful observations, wonderful insights and tons of interesting information that your wildlife columnist has been sharing with us for all these years.

I want to thank her warmly for the education and enthusiasm shared, and I will indeed miss this article very much.

I wish her all the best, hoping that mother nature will continue to bring you stimulation and joy for a long time to come,

Thanks again,

Caitriona McCarthy,

Bawnahow, Skibbereen.


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