Calls for Black Friday ‘stimulus’ check as Americans slam Biden for high gas and grocery prices ahead of Thanksgiving


CALLS are mounting for a Black Friday “stimulus” check as Americans criticize President Joe Biden for high prices for gasoline and groceries during Thanksgiving week.

Many have taken to social media to express their anger at the country’s economy and to seek additional government assistance.


Americans call for another stimulus check ahead of ThanksgivingCredit: Getty
Some have sent direct messages to President Biden asking for government help


Some have sent direct messages to President Biden asking for government helpCredit: AFP

A Twitter user sent a message to President Joe Biden saying the federal government has not done enough to help struggling Americans.

The message read: “Mr. Joe America needs stimulus money. Your approval rating would instantly increase. The children need this money for Christmas.

“We thank you for everything you have done, but it is just not enough. So many families are struggling. Cannot keep up with inflation.”

Another Twitter user criticized Biden for staying “at a private equity mogul’s Nantucket house for Thanksgiving,” like Politico’s Sam Stein reported.

“People are suffering from a deadly pandemic, and inflation, no stimulus checks, or health care, staying with donors for Thanksgiving, thanking people for not giving people anything,” the injured party said. Twitter user.

Although some economists have said that stimulus controls have increased inflation, not everyone agrees.

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“It would be foolish to slow down the economic recovery to try to control inflation especially when there is enough evidence that it is transitory”, Sanjeev Kumar said on twitter. “The US needs more fiscal stimulus, not less. & We should take action to remove supply chain bottlenecks (they are already improving).”

However, while the federal government is unlikely to send out another check before the end of the year, some states have their own stimulus packages.

Cash bonuses will be sent to certain groups living in 14 states after three direct federal payments totaling a maximum of $ 3,400 are sent as part of Joe Biden’s US bailout.

In Pennsylvania, for example, money is available through the property tax and rent reduction program.

Plus, struggling families may be eligible for a stimulus check worth up to $ 8,000 per child after Thanksgiving.

Parents who have children under 13 and an income of less than $ 125,000 can claim the additional stimulus money.

Meanwhile, the Senior Citizens League is pushing for another stimulus check in the hands of the elderly.

The group started a petition and began lobbying Congress for another stimulus check.

He sent a letter to members of the House and Senate urging them to consider a targeted stimulus.

He argues that the money is needed for the elderly to survive and keep food on the table.

The petition has nearly 75,000 signatures.

Some economists said stimulus controls raised inflation, but not everyone agrees


Some economists said stimulus controls raised inflation, but not everyone agreesCredit: Getty
A new ‘stimulus check’ is heading towards you, make sure you are registered for child tax credits

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