California stimulus check for SSI recipients: Are welfare recipients in line for a 4th stimulus payment in 2022


About 70 million Americans will benefit from the 5.9% increase in Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in 2022. The 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment begins with benefits paid to more than 64 million Social Security recipients this month. The increased payment to around 8 million beneficiaries began on December 30. There is also additional California stimulus check support for SSI recipients.

The Golden State Grant for Seniors and People with Disabilities who receive SSI benefits will receive a one-time $600 stimulus check. It is part of the COVID-19 Relief Bill and provides direct assistance to those severely affected by the pandemic.

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This relief includes a one-time grant of $600 to persons with disabilities and SSI seniors. This should help in part to cover the high costs that SSI recipients are facing during the pandemic. Most California stimulus checks for SSI recipients are sent as paper checks through the US Postal Service, hence the delay in some cases. Payment started for SSI recipients is made on an ongoing basis.

California’s stimulus check for SSI recipients became necessary even as the living conditions of 1.2 million older adults and people with disabilities went from bad to worse. Due to the 2009 cuts for SSI recipients, California’s poorest older adults and disabled people are hanging by a thread.

The California stimulus check for SSI recipients became much needed as they survived paycheck to paycheck and were just one paycheck after being rendered homeless.

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The benefits were just enough to keep them alive, but they continue to struggle and suffer. It was not enough to have a decent quality of life.

The worst part of the SSI cuts is that it prevented them from saving money and getting out of poverty. They had no backup to see them through the rainy months.

With rising medical insurance premiums and rising product prices, people with disabilities and the elderly are experiencing serious constraints in meeting their financial obligations. The California stimulus check for SSI recipients will help them absorb some of the inflationary shock faced by retirees and people with disabilities.

California Stimulus Check for SSI recipients who may be eligible for Social Security benefits

The SSI program was funded by the federal government to provide income support to eligible people age 65 and older, or the elderly, disabled, and blind. SSI benefits are also paid to disabled children and qualified persons.

California stimulus checks SSI beneficiaries are automatically mailed based on postal codes. The beneficiaries received their payments on the basis of the list drawn up by the administration.

The situation has become more dire for the elderly and disabled with the added threat of the omicron variant threatening to disrupt the economy. But the odds of a 4and The Biden administration’s stimulus check looks distant as they are hit by the passage of the social spending bill. The administration is currently more obsessed with the vaccine mandate than with direct financial aid to the struggling sections of the population.

Chances of a federal stimulus check look slim at this point

An additional provision for direct relief stimulus checks was not part of the infrastructure package Congress pushed through in 2021. Nor is there a provision for a direct payment in the Build Back Better Act. As the Biden administration struggles to push this bill through, the president currently seems reluctant to opt for a new battlefront in Congress over any other direct stimulus package.

Even within the Biden administration, Joe Manchin has been a loose cannon as he opposed the Biden BBB bill. The adoption of the bill would bring benefits to social recipients. More importantly, it would allow the administration to opt for an expansion of Medicare facilities and negotiate with big pharma for lower drug prices.

Confusion remains about Social Security Beneficiaries will receive Golden State Stimulus II payments. It will all depend on state guidelines and only certain recipients will be recipients of the California stimulus check. With 4.5 million stimulus checks earmarked for Californians, a large number of payments could be made under this program.

The California stimulus check for SSI recipients will not be granted if Social Security is the only source of income. According to state requirements, other types of income also do not fall under adjusted gross income. This includes Supplemental Security Income, CalWorks, CalFresh, cash assistance initiatives for immigrants, VA disability benefits, unemployment, and state disability insurance.

The California stimulus check for SSI recipients is expected to be sent to 6.1 million Social Security recipients in the state according to a 2020 census. That includes recipient survivors and children according to data released by the Social Security Administration.

Individuals receiving monthly benefits will have filed a tax return reporting certain forms of income in 2020. It should count for California’s AGI with the $1 minimum needed to receive a Golden State Stimulus check.


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