Best Strategy & Simulation Games of 2021


With 2021 drawing to a close, it’s fun to look back and consider what the year had to offer when it comes to video games. There are a plethora of game genres out there, but it’s hard to beat a comfortable simulator or a mentally stimulating strategy game. This year has seen many big titles in these departments keeping fans happy for a while.

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While there are a few games in the strategy / simulation genre that deserve to be recognized, a handful of them stand out above the rest. When the tokens are low, it’s hard to pass up those stellar titles that hit the shelves in 2021.

ten Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4

the Age of empires the franchise is one of the titans of the RTS genre. Few rivals can match its simple yet satisfying mix of base building and combat. Age of Empires 4 continues the serial trend of RTS excellence. With plenty of room for future growth, AOE 4 has the potential to be just as popular as the much-vaunted Age of Empires 2.

Age of Empires 4 is, overall, a very refined experience. The controls are smooth and intuitive, while the single-player campaigns give history buffs a wealth of material to occupy their time. Combat mechanics don’t reinvent the wheel, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you crave more addicting RTS action, it’s hard to go wrong AOE 4.


9 Farming Simulator 22

Close up of a cow with other cows in the background of the field in Farming Simulator 22

If players have ever wondered what it is like to own a farm, but have no plans to do so, then Farming Simulator 22 can be a satisfactory compromise. The game includes all the fun of running a farm without the back-breaking physical labor that comes with it!

Fans of high-octane, non-stop action may want to look elsewhere. However, for players who like to dive into the intricacies of a well-developed simulator, it’s hard to beat. Farming Simulator 22. With a plethora of crops to plant, over 400 vehicles to drive, changing seasons and more, this game is perfect for spending hours.

8 Encryption

fisherman with hook

Great strategy games don’t have to be set on sprawling battlefields with thousands of soldiers. Encryption takes a different approach, forcing players to exercise their wits through careful card management.

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At the end, Encryption turns out to be a surprisingly addicting deck builder. Additionally, horror game fans should feel right at home with the game’s spooky and unique aesthetic. Encryption offers a lot of strategy and fun, especially in its early segments.

seven Fully accurate combat simulator

TABS cover photo

Not all simulators aim to be as decidedly realistic as possible. The facetious one Fully accurate combat simulator take a dumber approach to combat. Players can take command of legions of “wobblers” to lead to victory. Part of the appeal is the amount of customization offered to players regarding their “wobblers”.

Once players’ troops have been customized to their satisfaction, chaos can begin. The game’s physics system is incredibly wacky. With tons of settings and battlegrounds for fans to experiment with, Fully accurate combat simulator is a tough game to let go.

6 Total War: Rome Remastered

Land Battle of Total War Rome Remastered

Just like the Age of empires franchise, the Total war series has a long and excellent history of games. Fans undoubtedly have their personal favorites, but one title fondly remembered is 2004. Rome: total war. When the game was remastered in 2021, some gamers might have felt like an old friend had returned home.

Despite its lack of polish in some ways, Total War: Rome Remastered is still a good game. There is something inherently satisfying about forging an empire from nothing. Rome remastered competently fulfills this desire. With a talented modding community already based around it, the longevity of this game will certainly last for a while.

5 Lawn mowing simulator

stiga lawn mowing simulator

Strategy games and simulators don’t have to be breathtaking. Sometimes players want something a little more relaxing. Why bother to cut your own grass when you can play Lawn mowing simulator rather?

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Lawn mowing simulator is a perfect example of a game that is extremely satisfying in its simplicity. With plenty of lawn care equipment at their disposal, players can cut, trim and slice each blade of grass to their liking. Building a business from scratch has never been so enjoyable!

4 Humanity

island civilization of humanity

Although it’s hard to beat the Civilization franchise in terms of captivating 4X gameplay, some players may be in the mood for something different. Humanity‘s the gameplay is familiar enough to attract fans of both Civilization 6 and maybe even the Total war series.

Players are tasked with ruling the civilization of their choice through several eras in human history. Along the way, they can expect to build cities, expand their territories, and engage in tactical combat with their rivals. With so many methods at the player’s fingertips to develop their civilizations, Humanity is not a game that gets old very quickly.

3 Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Evil Genius 2 rocket launcher red Ivan

World domination sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? This is the primary objective of Evil genius 2, a game where players must develop an apocalyptic device to take over the world. However, world domination is, unsurprisingly, no small feat. It’s hard work being an evil genius, after all.

Fans have a plethora of responsibilities to take on in their manic pursuit. An evil lair must be built from the ground up, while minions and henchmen with their own specialties must be recruited and put to work. All the while, fans must keep the forces of good at bay. Evil genius 2 offers a fun distraction for players where being bad feels pretty good.

2 PowerWash Simulator

Washing an older vehicle in PowerWash Simulator

In the same vein as Farming Simulator 22 and Lawn mowing simulator, the aptly named PowerWash Simulator is a relaxing pleasure. Not everyone might like washing their car in real life, but giving a car a virtual pressure wash is eerily soothing.

The game is still in Early Access, but already PowerWash Simulator turned out to be a huge hit with fans. One need only look at the reviews of the game on Steam to prove its popularity. For players who love the sense of accomplishment that comes with tidying up, PowerWash Simulator is a must.

1 Gas station simulator

The initially abandoned gas station in Gas Station Simulator

Running a small business successfully takes a lot of hard work. Games that simulate running a business of this type are quite common. One of the more recent and popular examples is Gas station simulator, where the goal is to turn a dilapidated gas station into a thriving business.

Much like farming, it takes a lot of thought to run a lucrative gas station. The amount of customization options on offer will certainly appeal to gamers who like a lot of freedom in their games. Experiencing satisfying levels of progression is the name of the game in Gas station simulator.

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