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Simulation games have become one of the most popular categories of games on mobile. The reflection of realistic scenarios in the palm of your hands can give you a sense of power and control. Simulation games provide a place where you can experience different ways of life, as well as make mistakes and learn from them without real consequences. That’s probably why a lot of people like to gamble.

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Luckily, simulation games exist to fulfill that dream of feeling completely in control and becoming incredibly rich and successful. You can discover different facets of life through simulation games and maybe discover a hidden love for something that will make you want to explore this path in real life.


5 Streamer Sim Tycoon

Streamer Sim Tycoon is one of the simplest yet most engaging simulation games. It has a retro art style which adds to the charm of the game. Internet streaming content has become so popular that many have wondered if they should try it out for themselves.

Start your streaming career with Streamer Sim Tycoon and create your own channel, stream different content and interact with viewers. As you gain more subscribers, you will receive several offers and sponsors that will help you improve your stream. You may even end up selling your own merchandise as you gain a bigger platform. You will experience all the ups and downs of being a streamer without any of the risks.

4 Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Bus Simulator: Ultimate gives you the most realistic experience possible as a bus driver, while managing your own bus company at the same time. Transport passengers safely to their specific destinations and make sure they are comfortable, otherwise you may have to deal with their constant noise and complaints. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to road rage!

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Bus Simulator: Ultimate is not your typical bus driving game. It offers several features that similar games lack, such as weather options, necessary layovers, radio hit songs, realistic traffic systems, maps and passengers that will give you feedback on your driving skills . Even the small but essential details are highlighted, such as the obligation to open the luggage compartments.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate will definitely give you a detailed insight into what a bus driver goes through on a daily basis. By taking on more jobs, hiring staff, and upgrading bus equipment, your company will eventually become the biggest bus company in the world.

3 Infinite flight

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered what it’s like to be in the cockpit of an airplane, flying the plane to different places. Although being a pilot is not an easy job, it takes years of training and practice. Not to mention that it could also cost you a fortune. Luckily, Infinite Flight gives you a full flight simulation experience on your mobile device that gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a real pilot.

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Navigate your way and learn the proper procedures to successfully land and fly an aircraft. However, if you are already an experienced pilot, this is the most convenient and fun way for you to brush up on your piloting skills and knowledge while preparing for your next flight.

Infinite Flight features real navigation data, amazing flight control layout, 3D airports, various planes, realistic physics and live or customizable time and weather. Take a step into the amazing world of aviation and conquer the skies with other pilots in Infinite Flight.

2 Game Developer Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game that lets you create your own game. Isn’t that every gamer’s dream come true? It completely immerses you in the gaming industry and its business models. Game Dev Tycoon will teach you how to design and build successful games with your own creative control. From choosing your favorite topic and game genre to using new game engines and technologies.

As you gain experience and unlock achievements, you have the option to move into larger offices and hire a team of game developers who will help you run a game development company world class.

1 The Sims Mobile

You can’t have a better list of simulation games without including The Sims. Although the popular game series, The Sims, is usually played on PC and consoles, don’t worry, The Sims Mobile will give you the same high quality gameplay that you will surely love. The Sims Mobile and The Sims 4 share similar game assets as they are both developed by Maxis and EA.

You can customize your Sims, build your dream home, and shape the Sim’s lifestyle. Watch them make friends, fall in love, and choose their career paths. The Sims Mobile is like diving into a parallel universe, where you have the power to control everything, like being a master of the game. Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of thanks to The Sims Mobile.

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