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Some of the most stressful and thankless jobs people have during the pandemic include a few that are so easy to take for granted. Hopefully that’s not so much the case anymore, the COVID-19 crisis having ideally opened our eyes and made us more caring and grateful to everyone around us. It is for this reason, in fact, that workers in some of these occupations (such as educators) are receiving new stimulus checks. In many states across the country, payments are made to teachers, as well as some essential workers who worked, for example, as grocery store workers during the pandemic.

The payments are a bonus and a well-deserved ‘thank you’ for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers and some essential workers

A raise check, shown with an envelope on top. Image Source: Kristoffer Tripplaar / Sipa USA via AP Images

This comes as the federal government‘s stimulus efforts end for 2021. Only one of those payments remains for the year. And it’s happening in less than two weeks.

This is a reference to the sixth and final child tax credit check, which is due out on December 15. As with previous waves of these payments, it will most likely send some $ 15 billion to around 36 million eligible families with children.

Meanwhile, states are increasingly struggling to send their own stimulus checks. In some states, these efforts target the widest range of audiences possible. Kind of like mini-versions of federal stimulus payments, where the primary requirement is that the recipients are simply citizens of the state. California’s Golden State Stimulus program is one example.

In other cases, these checks were sent exclusively to certain types of people (who perform certain types of work).

New stimulus checks

In September, US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced pandemic relief payments in this direction. This is part of a larger $ 700 million effort to help agricultural and food workers. As a result, a one-time payment of $ 600 will be made to farm workers and the US meat packing workforce.

A portion of the $ 700 million, totaling up to $ 20 million, will also be used to help grocery store workers.

Meanwhile, states that send (or have already sent) stimulus funds to teachers include Florida, Georgia, and Michigan.

  • Florida teachers and administrators received a $ 1,000 bonus earlier this year. And in recent weeks, State Governor Ron DeSantis has offered another round of bonus payments.
  • Some teachers and school staff in Georgia are also expected to receive $ 1,000.
  • Same thing with educators in Michigan. Another $ 1,000 bonus out there.

Child tax credit verification

As a reminder, millions of Americans are also receiving the last child tax credit stimulus payment this month.

Also be aware that the IRS will send a letter in early 2022 to these same recipients. It will contain important details about the checks you received this year. And you’ll use it to prepare your next federal income tax return.

On a related note, you will also get an added benefit of the six checks when you prepare your federal return. At that point, you will be able to claim the second half of the child tax credit.


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