7 Unique Simulation Games You Need to Try Now


Some of the best simulation games make players forget about everything and just immerse themselves in the gaming world. They allow players to experience the alternate life of their fantasies – from a dream career to managing an entire spaceship .

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The simulation genre presents one of the greatest diversifications in the gaming industry, and it is very difficult to fit them all into one box. From all-time popular flight simulations and easy-to-play farming and cooking games to a goat simulator, this genre offers limitless experiences.

Here is a brief overview of some unique simulation titles that are easy to play and worth revisiting.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

7 ready-to-use simulation games that are fun and addictive

1) Railway Empire (2018)

  • Developer: Game Mind Studio
  • Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux
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Railway Empire allows users to build an elaborate network of railway lines, purchase over 40 different types of model railways, and be the master of the vast railway network.

It takes players to the industrial age of the United States when the economy was booming and new lands were being settled. It is a game that allows them to seize the economic opportunities of the New World to develop extensive and profitable rail networks.

The New World featured in Railway Empire is detailed to perfection and is a sight to behold in itself. Overall, it’s a very fun and engaging game about managing, expanding, and monitoring an entire rail network where players can easily lose track of time.

2) Thief Simulator (2018)

  • Developer: Noble Muffins
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
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A simulation game that allows users to become thieves, Thief Simulator is an extremely addictive stealth simulation game about completing robbery missions. It takes players into a world of rich people, expensive cars, and rare valuables.

In the game, they can scout out a neighborhood or individual house and spy on the occupants before carrying out burglary missions. This is not just a simple thief simulation game as players have to prepare a toolkit to unlock any rigid security system and disable potential alarms to become the worst guy in the neighborhood.

3) Tropic 6 (2019)

  • Developer: limbic entertainment
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, SteamOS, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One.
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Tropico games are a bunch of fun and highly addictive construction and management simulation titles, where players assume the role of the president of the island nation of Tropico.

Many consider Tropico 6 to be the best interpretation of the Tropico series. Unlike previous editions, where the island nation of Tropico only had one island to develop, Tropico 6 features an entire archipelago of islands where players can build the nation of their dreams.

4) Farming Simulator 19 (2018)

  • Developer: GIANT Software
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4 and Google Stadia
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Farming Simulator 19 is the best interpretation of the popular franchise. The game offers a beautiful photorealistic setting in a tranquil environment, making it a wonderful escape. Other than that, all core gameplay elements from the Farming Simulator series are retained.

It is a game about enjoying daily farming activities, taking care of crops, buying more fields, upgrading to better types of equipment and becoming the best farmer in town. Farming Simulator 19’s sound and environment provide the perfect therapeutic break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

5) Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)

  • Developer: SCS software
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS.
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This one is perhaps the most popular simulation game enlisted here. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a super addictive truck simulation game that also has business management elements. Since its release, the game has become extremely popular and has inspired several other Truck Simulator games to appear in recent times.

Offering a scaled down version of satellite images of Europe, Euro Truck Simulator 2 features the countries of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Northeastern France, Germany, Northern Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, western Poland, Bratislava in Slovakia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

To begin, players must choose a starting location. The objective of the game is quite simple, deliver goods from one point to another, and as the player increases his trucking experience, new regions and tasks are unlocked. Euro Truck Simulator 2 offers 12 different official truck brands for players to try out.

Driving through the beautifully created European landscape in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an enjoyable yet challenging journey. Players must designate the shortest and easiest trade route and consider factors such as fuel, finances, and repairing rides as they cruise the European landscape.

6) Not for Broadcast (2022)

  • Developer: no games
  • Available on: MicrosoftWindows
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Not for Broadcast is one of the most unique indie simulation games ever made. It is a propaganda simulation game that transforms players into the fast-paced and stressful life of a media house. In the game, players find themselves as employees of the biggest news program on television, National Nightly News.

It’s the player’s job to select the news feed, censor any harmful images, and beep any foul language before the news is presented live. The gameplay has constant elements where players have to make quick decisions behind the scenes as big headlines will be released one after the other.

7) Cooking Simulator (2020)

  • Developer: Large cheese workshop
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android and PlayStation 4
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While there are hundreds of cooking simulation games out there, Big Cheese Studio’s Cooking Simulator is the real deal. It puts users in charge of a grand kitchen that has all the ingredients and utility to cook some of the most sumptuous and exquisite dishes in the world.

This particular cooking simulation game involves precise measurements of every ingredient as players try to satisfy all of the hungry diners. It also has some cool elements where they can deliberately cook the wrong dish, overheat the microwave, or just smash some plates. Overall, it’s a fun and challenging simulation game.

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