7 of Asia’s most exotic spa treatments you need to experience now


Imagine sitting in a quiet place while your mind and body are in tune with the surroundings. Isn’t that just relaxing? Such are the effects of aromatic wellness spa treatments that help you de-stress your body and mind to create one of the most serene and heavenly experiences.

Although a periodic trip to the spa or wellness retreat is quite common these days, what adds to the whole experience is the luxurious and exotic way we get these spa therapies. Exclusive and bespoke options, once only available at high-end treatment centers and wellness retreats, are becoming increasingly common.

The concept of a wellness sanctuary that sets personalized wellness goals and promotes a healthy lifestyle is what many are looking for. Enjoying luxurious massages through holistic programs by professional therapists, who not only provide beauty treatments but also aim to establish emotional balance while engaging all the senses, is what defines a modern luxury spa.

Although there is a range of services in many international markets, those found in Asia have become very popular with their unique rejuvenation and spa treatments. While some of them might be new, others are old practices.
From authentic hammams, onsen and crystal massages to flotation and chocolate therapies, the endless options are as luxurious and exotic as they come.

Here are 7 exotic spa treatments you must try in Asia


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The method of Toji bath or the ancient Japanese practice of onsen is one of the most surreal experiences where you bathe in a hot spring. The term onsen literally translates to “hot water cure” and refers to the medicinal values ​​involved in this balneotherapy.

Extended stay in a relaxing hot spring at ryokan, or a Japanese inn, allows the body to absorb the healing properties of the mineral-rich water. Medicinal benefits include joint pain relief, relaxation of tired muscles, improved skin quality and blood circulation, and better sleep.

Today, a ryokan the facility consists of onsenas well as rooms for guests to stay and relax for a few days.

Sound bath

spa treatment - sound bath
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Sound baths, or using your auditory senses as a way to stimulate or relax your mind and body, are becoming extremely popular among city dwellers. It may sound like modern therapy, but reports suggest that it dates back more than 2,000 years.

To answer the most basic question of whether there is water involved in the therapy, the answer is “no”. This is because a sound bath clears your mind using sound notes.

The soothing vibrations produced by instruments, such as Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, wind chimes and crystal bowls, will not only calm your senses, but also allow for better stress management.

As the sound waves and vibrations pass through the body, you will feel serene and completely relaxed. The sound bath is also considered a wellness journey that has an enlightening effect on the body.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the vibes of the dimly lit relaxation studio and feel the stress leave your body and mind. You will become one with yourself and the environment.

Enjoy a sound bath individually or in a group, but consciously absorb all the benefits of the spa treatment. Typically, an individual session lasts one hour, depending on the routine or session you choose.

The medicinal benefits of this treatment include reduced stress and anxiety. According to a 2014 study published in the American Journal of Health Promotionregular sound baths can also reduce systolic blood pressure.

flotation therapy

A soundproof and soundproof pod, floating without feeling the weight of the body and relaxing in absolute silence, with very little light, make up this therapy. Although it may seem straight out of a sci-fi movie, flotation therapy is one of the most extravagant body treatments.

Float on your back on Epsom salt saturated water about 12 inches high inside a capsule, which is set at a skin surface temperature, and feel the surroundings fade away. Feeling weightless and focusing on your heartbeat and breathing characterize this new-age wellness therapy.

The sauna-like sensation of floatation therapy is great for relieving stress, anxiety, hypertension, calming your senses and relaxing your mind. It also helps with nerve stimulation, brain synchronization and much more.

experts are of the opinion that such a state of total relaxation only occurs during the first 30 minutes, but that the effects can last more than a day. So Dr. Justin Feinstein, clinical neuropsychologist and director of the floating clinic and research center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, suggests this as a short-term cure for anxiety and depression.


Spa treatment - hammam
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The traditional Arabian style of body cleansing, deep tissue massages and escapism in a wet sauna room encapsulates a typical hammam bath. Originating in the Middle East, the roots of this spa therapy can be traced back to Turkey and Morocco where people visit local hammams for periodic cleansing.

In the hammam or hammam, a tellak or an attendant will pour you water first before applying black soap and exfoliating your skin with a kessa glove.

The treatment detans your skin and opens the pores, releasing accumulated dirt. The massage exfoliates dead cells to give your skin a healthy glow.

The nourishing elements of the scrub, often combined with a mud bath, enrich the body with minerals and the massage relieves joint pain and stressed muscles for an overall soothing effect.

chocolate therapy

spa treatment - chocolate therapy
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Can’t resist the rich, decadent aroma of cocoa? Then this spa and wellness treatment is for you. By lathering rich cocoa butter and chocolate all over your body, a spa treatment couldn’t be more delicious than this.

Soak up the rich essence of chocolate therapy and enjoy its calming effect on your body and mind. With its rich exfoliating, nourishing and deeply hydrating elements, chocolate and chocolate-infused products are becoming the most sought-after choice for services like body massage, pedicure, manicure, facials and hair removal.

The immensely popular spa treatment is one of the most luxurious and upscale wellness programs.

healing crystal

spa treatment - crystal therapy
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The use of crystals, precious and semi-precious stones helps to achieve inner balance, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety.

Although the practice of using crystals has been around for ages, it has risen to prominence again, with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson, talk about them.

Solely intended for mental well-being and providing tranquility, crystals and gemstones promote healing energies when used to align various aspects of life. Placing crystals on pressure points and getting a deep massage relieves stress and joint pain.

Different types of crystals have different roles to play. For example, Rose Quartz helps promote self-love, caring, happiness and compassion, while Lapis Lazuli is beneficial for truly knowing yourself and thus feeling free, while improving immunity.

Those looking for a more holistic wellness approach to mental health and wellbeing may choose crystal healing.


spa treatment - acupuncture
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This therapy has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine. An alternative medical treatment, acupuncture helps soothe the skull and heal wounds by inserting fine needles into the area to be treated.

Acupuncture experts examine the area and insert tiny needles into the skin, the number depending on the part of the body and the intensity of the pain. These pricked needles send a signal to the body that the area is affected and that the immune cells should act accordingly.

The wellness treatment has had several positive effects in helping people suffering from chronic pain, insomnia and migraineamong other ailments.

However, it is advisable to consult a licensed practitioner before choosing this treatment.

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