# 5 business simulation games to keep your entrepreneurial spirit active and creative


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Working long hours is one thing, but trust us when we say that even the busiest minds need something to reboot their system. And what could be better than games that can get the best of you and actually help you. Want to experience games that are really about risk and hard work?


What about business simulation games? We bring you a list of apps that can let you experiment with skills without all the hectic work dramas you go through every day. You can be whatever you want to be here. Own a real estate company or just run an amusement park, take your pick and be who you intend to be. Here are the best business simulation games that must be on your playlist.

City skylines:

Running a city is not easy; it takes a lot more effort than running a business. While the concept city game was launched by SimCity, Cities: Skylines seems to be conquering space with its game. In this game you are the most powerful player. You can build, destroy, rebuild things as you see fit. However, the only rebuilding is staying on a budget and keeping the citizens happy, which even comes with your business. The game indeed keeps your addicted and you become addicted to it.

The founder

Source: thefounder.biz

Have you always wanted to be part of a start-up? Discover The Founder, it’s the game you’ve always wanted to play. This game allows you to be a founder, you can choose your own name, the type of start-up you want to have and even the co-founder. You have seed capital that allows you to produce the first installment of the product and then put it on the market. The game throws you into real life situations like how much money you should be paying employees in the first place and keeping your employees happy at the same time.

Rise of the industry

Have you ever thought about how industries were at the start of the 20th century? How did people operate? A Rise of Industry takes you to the 20th century where you become an industrialist. The game allows you to start from scratch, run your business and take it to the top. How you develop your empire is your call. You just need to be smart and you can build anything you want. You can open factories, transport lines, all you have to do is keep an eye out for what’s not on the market and strike a deal. You also have the option to modify your work or extend it according to the progress of your work.

Youtubeur life

Although we never thought that being Youtuber could turn into a profession, things have changed and today it is a true hardcore business. This game lets you put on a YouTuber’s hat and gives you the basic amenities to create your own channel. You also have followers and views, which makes you feel like you’re keeping your business fun. The game makes you forget that doing this job is like a walk in the garden.


If you are passionate about transportation, Mashinky is the perfect game for you and your entrepreneurial spirit. The rules are simple, you have to grow your transport business on the map and improve your empire to grow it. During the game, you have to draw a trail on hard terrain, find favorable routes, improve vehicles, work on your strengths. But the main goal is to make a profit.


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