12 underrated simulation games for Switch


Simulation games have seen a massive spike in recent times, especially with games like Animal crossing: new horizons and Microsoft Flight Simulator have become major successes in recent years. These games allow players to live their lives as if they were living someone else’s. And there are plenty of simulation games for you to check out.

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One of the best platform for simulation games is Nintendo Switch, which has adopted the genre of simulation more than any other console. Because there are so many of them, it’s important to take a deep look into Switch’s library as some of the best don’t grab people’s attention.

Updated August 18, 2021 by Christopher Birsner: Simulation games continue to thrive on the Nintendo Switch. This may be because Nintendo is embracing indie games the way it does, and simulation games tend not to be something triple-A developers tend to focus on.

Some of these simulation games are also meant to be played in small steps every day, so it is extremely useful to have them on a mobile system that can be played anytime and anywhere. As the console’s library continues to grow, more and more of these types of games are appearing and most of them don’t get the attention they deserve.

12 Bee simulator

Official artwork of Bee Simulator

A lot of modern simulation games on Switch and other platforms sell themselves almost entirely on their gadgets, which can often leave gamers disappointed once they realize how shallow their shiny new game really is. While this scenario can be incredibly common when it comes to simulation games around insects, animals or objects, it is not at all the case when it comes to Bee simulator. The Humble Drone is the perfect vessel for transporting gamers away from the troubles of everyday life.

It’s surprisingly easy to get lost while exploring the game world, as is finding yourself worrying about the troubles of their furry little friends. The team at Varsav Game Studios have done a fantastic job of fleshing out the mechanics and concepts of the game far beyond the standard “you are a bee” theme that lesser developers would have been content with. Ultimately, the game gives players a chance to see the world from a different perspective that will likely be incredibly different from anything they’ve experienced before.


11 History of the seasons: friends of the mineral city

Story Of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Gameplay

He can no longer bear the Harvest moon name, but the heart and soul of the series can still be found throughout History of the Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. This 3D remake of the 2003 GBA classic looks great and is a great example of how classic franchises can reinvent themselves for the modern age without having to start from scratch.

Friends of Mineral Town has always been one of the best Harvest moon titles and so it should come as no surprise that the remake is one of the best simulation games on Switch. A few harsh reviews have kept it from achieving the kind of average rating it deserves, but it’s not a game that has to rely on rave reviews or past reputations to make its case. It’s a game that can provide hours of content for anyone who’s willing to give it a chance. Those who do might have a hard time putting it down afterwards.

ten Valley of stars

Stardew Valley Farm Development

Yes, this game is absolutely popular, but the reason it can be considered underrated is that it tends to be overshadowed by bigger titles in the same genre, such as Animal crossing and Minecraft. Corn Valley of stars is a cult classic for a reason and it all comes down to how much players can do in this game.

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Whether it’s cultivating a dream farm or falling for someone in town, to all the hijinks and fun achievements that can be unlocked, this game will keep players occupied in the best possible way.

9 Speech simulator

A robot trying to have a date in Speaking Simulator

Sometimes it’s just hard to say the right words. It’s even harder to speak when you’re a robot trying to impersonate a human being. In Speech simulator, the player embodies this very human-looking robot. The object of the game is to tackle scenarios that require a lot of discussion.

The mechanics revolve around the player who moves the mouth and tongue so that they can perfectly pronounce the words the robot is trying to say. It will be important to try to get it as accurately as possible or there is a risk that the robot’s face will explode.

8 Beat the cop

Promotional art for Beat Cop

Maybe it’s more of an adventure game, but Beat the cop simulates the life of a detective who seeks to unravel the secrets that surround him. This pixel-art game set in the 1980s follows a former cop who has been charged with murder.

The object of the game is to explore the structure of the nonlinear story by walking around the city and finding clues. Interview people who may know a thing or two to shed light on what really happened. Along the way, there will be people who interfere with the detective to prevent the investigation from continuing.

seven Kill him with fire

TNT placed around a toilet in Kill It With Fire

There are a lot of people who are not a fan of the spiders that appear in their homes. In Kill him with fire, the simulator is able to give these people the tools to get rid of them in the most destructive and chaotic way they dreamed of.

The action game puts players in a situation where they can pick up various tools and weapons that they can use to take down the spiders. These weapons range from regular insect repellents to explosives. The environments themselves can be destroyed, which is part of the fun. Those with arachnophobia can play because the game has a seesaw for them.

6 Flipper House

House Flipper player breaking a wall

If great simulation games are what a gamer wants, Flipper House is a great place to start. The game puts the player in the shoes of a house pinball machine, as the title suggests, who walks into houses in disarray and turns them into houses they can sell.

This game provides a first-person glimpse of what it’s like to face the worst of outbreaks and the need to restore it from the ground up. From tearing down walls to installing new fixtures and pipes, the game makes cleaning a house fun.

5 My time in Portia

My Time At Portia player chopping down a tree

Similar to Valley of stars and inspired by the work of Studio Ghibli, My time in Portia Teleports the player to the town of Portia where they will work to restore a workshop by growing crops and raising animals. There is also a lot to interact with in the world, with villagers in need of some help that could lead to a better city as a whole.

There’s even a combat element in the game that includes the need to defeat enemies in order to get more loot. All in all, gamers can log many hours into this experience.

4 Doraemon story of the seasons

Doraemon Story of Seasons gameplay

Double in RPG, Doraemon story of the seasons brings together a popular manga and video game series for an adorable simulation. Doraemon and his friends have been transported to a different world and must live on a farm until they find a way back to their own world.

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With the help of a local resident named Lunch, Doraemon must embrace life in this new world not only taking care of the farm, but meeting new friends along the way. The pace of the game is relaxing and will allow players to immerse themselves in it for long periods of time.

3 Bridge Builder Ultimate Edition

A simple bridge in Bridge Constructor: Ultimate Edition

A big theme among many simulations is the ability to build things. Bridge Builder Ultimate Edition is the perfect simulation game for people who want to try their hand at building the perfect structures for the different vehicles to pass through.

The game has a total of 40 levels which are spread over five different biomes. Each level will test whether or not the player can build a bridge that is not only functional, but can stand the test of time as more and more cars drive across the bridge. There is also a free building mode for players who want to build the bridge of their dreams.

2 Very very valet

The level of the car wash at Very Very Valet

Speaking of vehicles, how does it feel to be a valet? Switch exclusive Very very valet puts players in their place. This Switch simulation game can be a single player experience or a board game with up to four players.

Play alone or with friends to face over 20 different levels that will test all valet skills. The controls are also simple enough that it is much easier to try to park a car properly than it is to do so in real life. The world itself is colorful and filled with puppet characters, making it a perfect combination for one of the best simulation games on Nintendo Switch.

1 Little dragons cafe

Little dragons cafe

If gamers are looking for a super relaxing experience with little to no pressure, Little dragons cafe is perfect. In a game that has no currency, the main objective is to explore the world around the cafe to collect ingredients for the latest additions to the menu.

Along the way, players will raise a dragon that can help fight enemies and grow crops. The plot is definitely weird, but it’s also kind of nice to have a companion dragon following the main character. It will be hard to walk away from a game like this and not smile.

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