10 best simulation games on Roblox


Reality is transferring more and more online into simulation games, which many gamers can easily find on Roblox. They can try new things or become a completely different person online.

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Pretend games can be anything that simulates real life chores such as eating, driving, doing laundry, and even chores that people don’t get the chance to do in real life, such as living the life of a car. ‘an animal. Roblox has a long list of simulation games that allow gamers to experience fantasy and reality.

Saber simulator

Robloxians with lightsabers outside

Saber simulator by HD Games allows players to use lightsabers as if they were in Star wars, which makes it one of the best movie based Roblox games. Players need to hone their skills and strength to compete against others. Only the strongest competitors will win.


All players start with a basic lightsaber that they must fight and train with to gain more strength. Force is used to collect coins in order to purchase upgrades for their sabers, DNA, and classes. The more strength a player has, the more damage and health there is. Players will need to be smart about how much strength they use for equipment and how much strength they have left to fight others.

Chewing gum simulator

Rumble Studios Chewing gum simulator is a fun simulation game with a whimsical twist. Players use chewing gum to float in the clouds, reaching great heights and earning points.

This simulation game requires patience as players have to continuously blow their bigger and bigger bubbles to rise into the sky. The bigger the bubble, the more the characters float in the clouds. Players can exchange their bubbles for coins to purchase different chewing gum, flavors, and character faces for additional enhanced abilities. Who can blow the biggest bubble and be the first to break through the clouds?

Animal simulator

This unique simulator from ragnar9878, Animal simulator, allows players to experience the life of an animal. They can become a variety of real or special mystical creatures. It also allows players to stay human and breed animals instead, making it one of the best animal breeding simulation games on Roblox.

Players can select an animal at the start of the game or decide to remain a human and befriend other animals. They have voice chat to communicate, allowing players to role-play or team up to defeat creatures to earn XP and unlock new animals. Humans can get hold of weapons and ride on the backs of some animals. Humans and animals can team up or compete against each other as they survive in the wild.

Speed ​​simulator

a robloxian running with fire behind it and a speedometer to maximum

Speed ​​simulator by US Simulators simulates real speed, allowing characters to run at lightning speed and participate in races to see who is the fastest player.

Players must rack up steps to increase their overall speed, or they can speed up faster by jumping through hoops in the sky. As players level up and gain speed, they take part in races. Only the fastest players will reach the finish line before their competition and unlock special animals and trails. There are several maps that players can explore by zooming in, thus increasing the speed.

Laundry simulator

a laundry room with a robloxian trapped in the washer

Dev House United Kingdom Laundry simulator is the perfect game for players who like to clean up, and has dark humor twists that no one could see coming. Players run their own laundromat and are making progress towards better equipment.

This game simulates washing clothes and has the same feel as the best tycoon games on Roblox as players have to earn coins to upgrade their laundromats. Each load of laundry cleaned and thrown into the chute gives players coins to buy larger laundry baskets and larger washers to store more clothes. Players who have successfully upgraded their pucks to XXL size can grab other players and spin them inside.

Meal simulator

Meal simulator by MIAM! is a simple and entertaining game that simulates eating delicious treats as players try to get bigger and bigger to earn points or fight other players.

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Players must munch on treats that make them taller, then sell the amount they ate to get coins. With coins, players can buy better food, from fries to cakes, DNA to get even better stats, or buy fun accessories like pet eggs. This random silly game is a great pastime as players run to see who can be the greatest character.

RPG simulator

cartoon sword and potion on black background

RPG simulator from Astral Studios is the perfect simulator of the best RPG games with their open world setup, leveling, and loot taking. Fantasy lovers can dive into this simple and familiar world of feelings while exploring and leveling up to become the strongest warrior.

This fun cartoon game allows gamers to play simple and fun RPG game for everyone. Players must level up by completing quests or raiding and defeating creatures on various maps. They can pick up or buy loot, like more powerful weapons and pets that help them in their battles. This simulator combines whimsical and bizarre objects with this fantasy game to make it a whole new experience for a classic RPG.

Driving simulator

Car and racing enthusiasts will enjoy this great game, Driving simulator by Nocturne Entertainment. Players can discover and collect tons of unique super cars and explore an open world map filled with 100 other players.

It’s not only one of the best open world racing games on Roblox due to its well-scripted cars and navigation, it also allows players to venture out onto a large map. The more they drive, the more points they collect to buy better cars and customize their cars. Players can let their creativity run wild by customizing all of their cars and making them look the way they want. Drivers can show off their collection or compete against each other in this vast world full of open roads to explore.

Factory simulator

Robloxians in a mining plant

Gaming Glove Studios offers Robloxians a unique simulation experience with their Factory simulator, creating an all-in-one tycoon and simulation game. Players can build their own factory and create an empire from scratch.

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Players must roam the map and collect trees, rocks, and ores to sell and refine in their own factory. They can build their factory however they want and upgrade it as they go to earn more profit. Once they start building their factory, they will have machines to do their jobs, which will make the job easier and increase production. Who will have the biggest factory empire?

Treasure hunt simulator

a robloxian noob digging chests in the sand

Henry dev’s Treasure hunt simulator allows players to dive into the hunt for lost treasure. They must explore the depths of the earth to find the best and rarest chests and claim the loot for themselves.

Players can dig hundreds and hundreds of blocks in the sand to find a variety of chests hidden inside. These rarity chests offer coins to spend on upgrades like better shovels and backpacks to carry more treasure. Diggers can also use their points to buy cute animals or crates with mystery rewards. This simple game entertains with seemingly endless possibilities hidden underground.

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