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Some games are not about fantasy or science fiction, but recreate a playground that is akin to real life events, establishments or activities. This is why simulation games exist. Some gamers just want pressure-free playtime that they can enjoy at their own pace, and that’s what most simulation games fulfill.

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Other simulation games immerse their players in the heart of a digital reconstruction of a conflict, with physical and physiological rules as close as possible to reality. That’s the beauty of simulation games. There is a lot to simulate in real life, hence the variety of this genre. Therefore, there are so many that some are bound to be free on Steam. These games are the best examples.

ten Recording room

game room gameplay
  • Release year: 2016

  • Steam review score: Very positive, 91%

Recording room is VRChatis a little cousin because, like this app, it is also a virtual reality-ready digital space for people who want to go out and make new friends. The difference is that it consists of custom, player-created rooms where players can come and go as they please, as long as they are welcome.

Of course, players also have their own avatar here, although it offers less freedom compared to the pandemonium which is VRChat. The best part is that it’s cross-platform and Steam players can share the same space with players on mobile or console.


9 Russian fishing 4

russian peach 4
  • Release year: 2021

  • All reviews on Steam: mostly positive, 75%

Well what do you know Something good and relaxing managed to come out in 2021. Russian fishing 4 remains strong as the fourth entry in the series. It features better graphics and more of the same titular activity, which isn’t really that bad considering that a lot of people can’t get to their actual fishing spots.

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Either way, the main bait of this free gamer fishing game is its stunning campaign visuals. You can almost breathe in the midges and the smell of the morning dew as they struggle with their peach after several long moments of calm before the storm.

8 Fishing planet

  • Release year: 2015

  • Rating of all reviews on Steam: Very positive, 83%

If anglers prefer something a little further west after the Atlantic Ocean, then Fishing planet offers a marshy American landscape. It includes bogs, swamps and densely vegetated shorelines – the perfect place to fish for river monsters.

Oh and Fishing planet is also a multiplayer game with competitive and cooperative elements online in case one wants to show off his catch to his digital fishing friends. To make things more varied and complex, there are several combinations of bait, rods, and tons of other fishing gear that makes every fishing player unique.

seven VRChat

vrchat gameplay
  • Release year: 2017

  • Rating of all reviews on Steam: Very positive, 90%

For some people, VRChat can be considered more of a community than a full-fledged game due to its structure. In other words, there is usually no structure here. Players create their own avatar with or without VR gear, then they are unleashed into the world to troll, harass, and generally have fun with others.

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It was the nest that provided fertile ground for many memes, including the legendary Ugandan Hocks that died out too quickly. One thing to note is that although it’s free, VRChat is still in its early access phase, which means there is plenty of room for change and instability.

6 Buy Titans

shop titans gameplay
  • Release year: 2020

  • All reviews on Steam: somewhat positive, 78%

Want to run a store? Buy Titans is the free game for that. It’s a cute game where players are given a small business to run in a fantasy medieval town. The catch is that the store’s machines and supply lines are somewhat nonexistent, meaning players have to do it all.

This means that dungeons are also on the to-do list if players want to sell something new or unique. Once they are back in the security of their establishments, it is all about business intelligence as they try to control the economy and come up with ingenious and creative ways to grow their store.

5 DCS World Steam Edition

DCS World Steam Edition gameplay
  • Release year: 2018

  • Rating of all reviews on Steam: Very positive, 83%

DCS means Digital combat simulator, and what is it DCS World Steam Edition is all about. It’s a war simulation game, although it’s mostly about a bunch of machines and vehicles going against each other. This means that the gore is somewhat minimized, assuming one stops imagining what is happening to the pilots.

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DCS World Steam Edition is not only about air combat, but also all modern war vehicles such as tanks and ships. Coupled with impressive graphics for a free war simulation, this is a haven for any war history fan looking to reenact the most engaging battles of modern day combat.

4 Conqueror’s blade

conqueror's blade
  • Release year: 2020

  • Steam review score: Mixed 67%

Conqueror’s blade also talks about war and it’s as ambitious as it gets – maybe even more so compared to modern war simulators. It’s because Conqueror’s blade takes place in the Middle Ages. Players can participate in large scale medieval battles consisting of both robots and other players.

In fact, the total number of participants for each battle is 1000 per faction. This typically results in a 2,000-man, hand-to-hand team deathmatch, where tactics and carnage ensue. To this end, Conqueror’s blade is a simulator that is not for the faint of heart, especially if one is used to the tranquility of fishing or socializing.

3 World of Warships

  • Release year: 2017

  • All reviews on Steam: somewhat positive, 79%

World of Warships is a title similar to DCS, except that it has a slightly smaller scale and theater of war. It only integrates naval warfare, but makes up for the lack of scene variety by having more complex and deeper combat mechanics.

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Any fan of naval history will find what they are looking for in meticulously detailed warships that come as close as possible to their historical counterparts. The graphics and sounds are stunning too, and it doesn’t take much to make players feel like they’re part of a massive Hollywood war epic.

2 World Of Tanks Blitz

World Of Tanks Blitz
  • Release year: 2016

  • Score of all reviews on Steam: Very positive, 80%

World of Tanks Blitz is Tank world‘little brother, developed for mobile devices. Players can still choose to use their PC for this, hence the availability of Steam. In any case, it is played the same way as Tank world with the exception of significantly larger but slower battles.

World of Tanks Blitz sees two factions of players taking part in full-scale tank battles, where they can choose and customize any war vehicle they want. Being a mobile game as well, it features some energetic events that weren’t usually present in the original. Tank world, which generally makes it more fun and accessible.

1 Thunder of war

Thunder of war
  • Release year: 2013

  • Rating of all opinions on Steam: somewhat positive – 79%

Thunder of war is like DCS, but older and more established in its kind of theater of war. It has heavier RPG mechanics where players progress through their ranks and can also unlock new war vehicles ranging from tanks, planes and ships. Again, every vehicle here is made as close to its actual counterpart as possible.

Which makes Thunder of war more ambitious is the fact that it also supports virtual reality. There are thousands of vehicles to choose from and there are several eras of modern warfare available with a balancing system that is mostly just for beginners and experienced players alike.

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